12 Gift Basket Ideas

Last month,  the boy’s school PTL hosted their annual Graceful Nights: Live and Silent Auction.  The PTL received donations from various corporations and small business through out the community to sell, so that they could raise funds for technology improvement on the school’s campus.  In addition to these donations, each class donated a gift basket to be auctioned off.  The baskets were unique and were wonderful additions to the many items being sold. These baskets can be replicated for your silent/live auction or would be great to be given as gifts.

Here are 12 gift basket ideas, from the school auction, that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

12 Gift Basket Ideas

baking basket

Baking Basket

BBQ BasketBBQ Basket

Chocolate & Coffee Basket

Coffee & Chocolate Basket

Beach Basket

Beach Basket

Gift Card Tree

Gift Card Tree

Summer Fun Basket

Kids Summer Basket

Martini Picnic Basket

Martini Basket

Movie Night Basket

Movie Basket

Pamper Herself Basket

Pamper Herself Basket

Spirit Basket

Spirit Basket

*The School Colors are Red & Blue.  The pictured bag would be ordered in the winning family’s name. All items inside the bag were red and blue themed and also included some school logo’d items.

Trader Joe’s Basket

Trader Joes Basket

Work Out/Excercise Basket

Work Out BasketThe gift baskets donated by the families of the school were creative and unique.  While I am sure that the parents that assembled them replicated a gift basket idea that had been before used, they did put their own creative touch on the baskets that they created. They also helped raised a ton of money for the school!


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