2013…Back to Life..Back to Reality!

Ahh Christmas 2012 and ringing in the 2013 New Year has come and gone.  As Christmas break ended, structure and routine were simply old friends of mine.  We hadn’t chatted since December 14th! They started knocking at my mental door on New Years Eve.  I heard them saying..”these boys need direction..tell them what to do”..”stop nagging at them!”..”they go back to school in 2 days.” What’s a type A, OCD mom to do when these little friends are nagging at you?

Make a Daily Accountability  & Chore Charts

Bring them back I say!  Bring back the structure! Bring back the routine!  But … bring them back in a way that involves the boys and allows them to enjoy their favorite Christmas presents. I searched Pinterest high and low for a simple chart to fulfill my needs.  To my dismay there were many options, but none that completely filled my needs.  I blended some ideas from my favorite pins to create my own Daily Accountability Chart’s and Daily Chores.

Chore Chart, Accountability Chart, Chores, Chart Chores

Pictured above is their chart stations. The calendar lists their daily chores.  The white paper are their daily accountability charts.

Chore Chart, Accountability Chart, Chores, Chart Chores

I prefer to keep chores separate from daily accountability.  The reason is two-fold.  One I believe that chores are things that everyone in the house completes for the common good of the household.  In my opinion they do not need to be rewarded.  We all live here we all pitch in to keep the house running smoothly.  The chores are simple and age appropriate for each boy.

Chore Chart, Accountability Chart, Chores, Chart Chores

Two, the daily accountability to-do’s are not chores! Is bathing really a chore? What about read 20 minutes a day? No, they are not chores they are things the boys must be held accountable to do each day. The daily accountability chart is to help the boys create good adult habits. These habits will be built upon as they get older, but the chart is the basis for what is most important for them to complete while they are at home each day. I print out one weeks worth of charts at time. Each chart is divided into 3 sections of the day.  Each sections has its own list that must be completed to earn 10 minutes of electronic time.  The section must be signed by mom or dad.  This is to encourage checks and balances.  They checked off they did a chore, we will check to behind them to make certain it was completed.  Once signed by a parent they receive 10 minutes of electronic time. Total each boy can earn 30 minutes of electronic time per day.  I have made it where they can bank the time or use their time daily.  The policy of use it or lose it does not apply here.  It is my hope that they complete their before bed chores and have enough time left over to use their electronic time.  Yet, that is completely dependent on how the boys use their own time. If they tool around all day, they can either not earn electronic time or the possibility of there being no time to use their electronics before bed can arise. There are so many small life lessons to be learned with these charts, such as using time wisely and completing tasks=earning rewards.  I am excited to begin using them! It will hopefully squash the you didn’t tell me too’s and replacing them with its on your chart, I shouldn’t have to tell you’s!

Are you looking for a way organize your children’s accountability in the New Year?  I have made my charts available for you to download.  They are in an excel file and can be edited to fit your families needs!

Daily Accountablility Chart.Older Child

Daily Accountablility Chart.Younger Child

I was eagar to get mine hung for school today. There wasn’t time to purchase any hooks so I choose the next best solution..hot glue! As of now, the charts are hung by hot glued to the wall clothes pins. For a less wall damaging solution, I would recommend you use command hooks. Then punch ho

les in the top of the paper to hang the charts from the hooks.

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  1. Joy, this is AWESOME! Thank you! I’ve been meaning to do something like this for Styles. I am so blessed because he really is an amazingly self-sufficient child in the morning. This morning he woke up, got himself dressed, fed himself breakfast, and left before I even woke up (but not before kissing me goodbye). I’m not POSITIVE that he brushed his teeth or fixed his hair so having something like this for my late mornings would be great. I also despise having to constantly remind him to take a shower, brush his teeth at night, etc… so having something at night while I’m wrestling the babies would also be fantastic. I’m going to buy a new printer in the next few days and print this out. 🙂

  2. I need to make chore charts for my kids.

  3. great idea Joy. I love it. I think we need to implement this too.

  4. Whoa, love it!! I need to do something because we just added weekly soccer practice to the mix.

  5. These are great, I know i need to start using a system like this with my kids.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been thinking of using this method and now you made it really easy for me.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never seen an accountability chart before, neat idea for helping the kids!

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