Having fun does not need to be expensive at all! In fact, if you know some tricks, you can have lots of fun and will not spend a dime. Want to know how? Below you will find my 5 great tips for cheap or free fun activities that are totally easy and awesome ways to have fun with your friends and family. Use it freely and have an amazing time in a wallet-friendly way. Enjoy!

5 great tips for free or cheap fun activities

Go to museums or a zoo

In fact, if you visit your local museum or a zoo, you can have a lot of fun and even learn something without spending a lot of money. Usually, tickets to museums are not so expensive, as well as in zoos. And these places also have some fee-free days for visitors as well, if you don’t want to spend money at all. So just check for these free days or support your local museum or a zoo by buying a ticket, and you will have a lot of fun for sure! Who knows, maybe you will love it so much, you will visit it again and again!

Pretend you are tourist (or be a tourist) in your community

If you want to save money and also learn about your neighborhood more then act like a tourist this weekend, get a camera and join free tourists guide! You can see a lot of amazing stuff you haven’t noticed before and have an excellent time in your hometown! In fact, most of us rarely visit city’s tourist attractions. So by taking a weekend like a tourist in your own town you can visit it all and save money for sure!


I just love to suggest this activity because you can help other people a lot and actually have  a lot of fun doing it. Enlist in your local volunteering program right away and travel to clean beaches, paint houses or just give free soup for homeless people. It all makes your heart a little bit warmer and it doesn’t cost you anything apart from your time. But that is nothing compared to the all good things you are doing. So – really consider about being a volunteer and helping other people who are really in need.

Make a movie night marathon

You can definitely have a lot of fun if you host a classic movie marathon at your place and invite your friends over. Ask everyone to bring their own food and drinks and just prepare enough of seats and pick right movies to watch. Here – you have a fun evening with your friends! Plus, if you want to add more movies into your collection then you need to shop for it too, right? And Target can help you out here! It has pretty huge movie collection which you can purchase a lot cheaper with these Target online coupons from ChameleonJohn.com. So just buy all movies you wish for your marathon and have lots of fun with your friends during a movie night!

Tide your closet

If you are one of those people who like to clean things up, then this tip is just right for you! Make a day out of tiding your closet and sort things you are going to wear and items you can donate or throw away. By doing this, you are definitely going to make your closet cleaner and make new space for new clothing too! Also, donate items you are not going to wear anymore which are still in good condition to be more socially responsible as well. It might turn out to be a great day and you won’t spend a dime while doing it!signature

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