Day Fifteen: Your Dream Home

As a little girl my Grandmother Frances would receive subscriptions to Southern Living Magazine.  You could flip to the back of the magazine and find they called Idea Homes. Most people would consider them to be  house blue prints.  I would study the sketches and cut them out.  I would glue them to paper and […]

Day Fourteen: Somewhere You Would Like to Travel

Today’s challenge has a quick answer for me! I definately want to travel Alaska! I want to see the beauty of God’s majesty in the mountain ranges around Alaska.  I want to see Denali National Park!  (Mirror Lake pictured below)  I want to see all of the Grizzly Bears fishing for salmon as they run upstream […]

Schools Out For Summer!

The boys are home for the summer. Today is the first official day of summer break.  It’s my first summer working at home without childcare.  Two summers ago when I was doing bookkeeping from the house and traveling to multiple offices, I exchanged the children with a friend.  I would keep her kids at my house part of […]

Day Thirteen: A Huge Impact on Your Life Recently

  April 10, 2011 was our ten year anniversay for the purchase our first home. It was also the day that our children were baptised at Grace Lutheran Church.  We began casually attending Grace during the summer of 2010 to prepare Trever for his first school year at Grace Lutheran School.  Although we have always been Christians, going […]

Day Twelve: Something you are OCD about

 Honestly, right after we got married and purchased our first home I was OCD about everything.  The closets’ had to be in perfect order with clothes hung from lightest to darkest. The pantry had to have all of the labels facing outward and in some sort of order from shortest to tallest.  I could walk […]

Day Eleven: Your Favorite Band/Artist

I like mutliple types of music. During my tween years, it was all things NKOTB and Tiffany.  As, I progressed into high school/college I really enjoyed Jewel and David Wilcox . 

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