Back to School!

The boys went back to school today. Trever is in 5th grade and Tyler is in 2nd.  BacktoSchool

Tyler’s teacher this year is a good friend of mine and Trever’s is a new teacher to the school.  Since it is such an exciting and new year I decided to make a small present for the teacher’s first day back.

APP-Solutely Wonderful Teacher

App-Solutely Wonderful TeacherTechnically, all I made was the two leaves and stuck them into the top of an apple with a straight pin.  I did let the boys pick out the apples for their teachers.  They both picked out a Pink Crisp Apple.  They are super yummy and easy on the waistline.

Leaf for Apple

As everyone gears up for back to school around the country, I am curious, do you give your teachers a gift on the first day back to school?


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