Big Kahuna’s Water Park Destin, FL; Enter to WIN 2 Tickets for Admission!!

Big Kahuna’s Water Park located in Destin, FL is has an environmental back drop that transports you to the luscious gardens of Hawaii and energizes you to get out in the water and play! A typical waterpark lends itself to a commercial concrete jungle, where you only get perspective of a park once you have climbed to the top of a slide. That is not the case with Big Kahuna! Big Kahuna’s water park is nestled into a large sand dune adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. The height of the dune lends itself to becoming the routes for slides and lazy rivers. Upon entering the park  you are already at the one of the highest peaks of the park.  There are spectacular views from every angle.

Big Kahuna's Destin FL, Destin FL Water Park

Big Kahuna's Destin FL, Destin FL Water Park

(*the small roofs pictured above are cabana’s located next to the wave pool.)

Fun for All Ages

The layout of the entire park is quite genius.  There are 2 lazy rivers that seem to be the foundation of Big Kahuna’s.  All of the slides in the park either spit your out into one of the lazy rivers or with in steps of a lazy river.

Big Kahuna's Destin FL, Destin FL Water Park

Big Kahuna's Destin FL, Destin FL Water Park

Private Cabana Rental

Big Kahuna’s offers private cabana rental.   The cabana’s are located in several places in the park. Each cabana is shaded and assigned its own server who will take your food and drink orders and serve you pool side. The cost of the cabana is $99 per day, in addition to your admission tickets.  It is worth every bit of the $99 investment. We found our server, Arsenio, to have excellent customer service and was very attentive to the needs of our party.  The food was tasty and there were adult beverages on the menu! We appreciated having a “home base” to come back to or wait for others to come back. What more could you ask for when spending the day at a water park??CabanaRental

Our cabana was located in Crocodile Flats, which is one of three shallow pool area’s for the younger crowd, and sat in the center of The Humunga River. Big Kahuna's Destin FL, Destin FL Water Park

It was great to be able to sit in the cabana and reenergize while the boys rode on the Hydro Max or Piranha. While we trusted the lifeguards on duty we did ask that they come and check in with us after each ride. Smile

We were able to capture some video while at the park as well. Take a look at these short clips to get a glimpse of the fun we had at Big Kahuna’s.

Upon exiting the park we decided to take in a friendly game of put-put golf.  There’s nothing like being the only girl amongst 4 competitive boys, so I decided to keep score.  Winking smile


Big Kahuna’s is a number one visitor attraction in the Destin area and now I know why! The staff was friendly and courteous.  The park was not overly crowded and was enjoyed by our entire family.  I would definitely suggest that when you travel to Destin you add Big Kahuna’s as a place to play.

Would you like the opportunity to win 2 tickets to Big Kahuna’s??

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In the interest of full disclosure it should be noted that I received free admission to Big Kahuna water park in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own. It really is a super awesome water park.. no lie!

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  1. Samantha says:

    I used to love going to Big Kahunas during the summer with my dad and siblings. Its definitely been too long. Thanks for posting about it, brings back some very fond memories.

  2. Jamie McCarty says:

    My daughter is graduating from High School this week. Every summer we take a special trip together to a water park .Since this is our last summer to go somewhere, I am going to take her to Destin in July. I would love to surprise her with tickets to this water park.

  3. I havent been to THIS one but generally the lazy river or the kids spot!


  4. Erica Chao says:

    I love the lazy river

  5. WE have not been here yet. and I would Love ot take my grandchildren sometime-I love Destin-they have never been out of state though, 🙂 thank you for the giveaway,

  6. Angela Hatcher says:

    Great watermark….Lot’s of fun!

  7. My favorite spot at big kahunas is definitely the lazy river. It’s nice to be able to just relax and float while the kids swim around.

  8. Amber McElroy says:

    Love a lazy river!

  9. To be 100% honest, I really don’t know how to swim so I like the lazy river 😛

  10. Mihaela D. says:

    Twisty Slides!!!

  11. Lazy River, most definitely!

  12. YOLANDA says:

    This year was our first Summer going and we plan to return. The atmosphere was great wasn’t to crowdy and Lifegaurds and Leads were everywhere. That is a great big deal for such a great place. I enjoyed and so did the kids . Lazy River was fantastic. Plenty of seating room.

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