Brandcation: 80’s Costume

Brandcation, Blog Cabin, hosted in Pigeon Forge, North Carolina is 32 days away!  The chatter on the wall of our Facebook event has geared up. The attendee’s are posting about their excitement on their blogs. The itinerary is posted and the line up of activities is unbelievable.  My anxiety over the 9 hour drive (alone) and time away from my family is starting to swell up as the date approaches. Upon I was scamming the itinerary, I saw we will be attending an 80’s costume party!  What better way for me to battle unnecessary anxiety than to plan and create my costume for the party.

While taking my niece back to school shopping. it was not lost on me that the new trend of closing is late 80’s early 90’s style. There is a plethora of new clothing available for me to pull a costume together. The question is which 80’s fashion should I wear?

Should I dress in FlashDance style?

*found here  for purchase at Baby Girl Boutique

What about an 80’s Sunday Best?

*found here  for purchase at MitUVintage Etsy Shop

Or Even 80’s Prom Dress?

*found here  for purchase on

80’s Wild Child/Punk?

*found here  for purchase on Online-Fancy-Dress

Leave me a comment and help me decide on the costume I should put together!

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  1. I’m going to vote for the 80’s wild child or the 80’s prom dress. 🙂 So excited for y’all!

  2. I was just a toddler in the 80’s but I do remember my big sister’s prom dress looking very similar to that!

  3. I love that prom dress! I so wish I was going to this but there’s no way in heck my husband would survive without me.

  4. The prom dress is my vote. Of course I was totally punk near the end of the 80’s so that is what I’m wearing.

  5. I would go with either the flash dance or the punk/wild child! Those are SEXY! lol


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