Brandcation, Bloggers Gone Coastal, is this weekend!

The blogging retreat, Brandcation was marked onto the calendar in February.  At the time of signing up for the trip, it sounded exciting to see a friend from high school, meet new friends and mingle among other bloggers. The first weekend of May 2012 is rapidly approaching, actually its in 2 days. The anxiety is setting in big time.  The to do list is manageable, but LONG. The boys have a busy weekend between swim team, soccer and church.   The children are excited about being mommy free for a couple of days.  They probably have fantasies of eating food on the couch and drinking Icee’s.  Troy will do a good job with the boys while I am gone. He is a great father to them.  The anxiety starts coming when I think about not sleeping in  my bed for 2 nights. What happens if something happens when I am gone?  My mind starts racing a million miles a minute. *Breathe, Joy* The anxiety falls away quickly after I start to think about the FUN I will have on the retreat.

Take a look at my itinerary for the weekend:


12:00-2:00 Check into Portofino Condo

2:00 Welcome Reception in Main Condo

3:00-5:30 Blog Olympics on the beach sponsored by Jambu Footwear

7:00pm Dinner

After dinner, Swag Party back in Main Condo


7:00-4:00 Depart at 7am for Adventures Unlimited for a day of Adventure!
Ziplining, Lunch when Zipling Ends, After lunch 4 miles of tubing adventure!

6:30-8:30 Mystery Dinner, Chocolate covered killing or Who Butchered the Bake

9:30pm StarGazing with Dewey


7:00am Dolphin Boatride sponsored by Circle Public Relations.

Breakfast on Boardwalk after Dolphin Cruise

11:00am Closing Remarks in Main Condo

The schedule is jammed packed.  They are keeping us so busy the anxiety must be tamed!

What excites me the most about the weekend is meeting fellow mom bloggers.  My blog is the new gal on the block and is apprehensive about where she should grow from here.  I look forward to discussions about blogging and family. I am curious how the other women find balance in working, maintaining households and running successful blogs.  How do you get sponsored posts? Where do you go to get a chance to try the new toys for your child?  How much of a weekly time commitment is required? We have a wonderful forum at MomDot where we discuss these things, but nothing bets a good face to face conversation. Albeit, the conversation may happen while we standing are line to zip-line, but that is the purpose of the weekend. “Brandcation isn’t just about the brands, but about creating a lasting memory that brings home what you do every day online with people you interact with.” 

I have the camera battery charged and the memory card is wiped clean.  The shopping and packing commences today. Brandcation here I come!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun. I hope to attend next year. Have a blast!

  2. I hope y’all have a blast! I know my mom is excited to meet all of you! 🙂

  3. Sounds like you are going to have a blast. I just went to Florida a couple weeks ago and had the time of my life.

  4. Y’all have fun this weekend! I really wanted to go but had to go to my job in Arizona instead. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Have a blast!!! I hope to go along someday!!

  6. I had my first blogging-related trip a few months ago &I was SO anxious!!! I ended up having a ton of fun & I can’t wait for the next trip! I’m so jealous that you get to go to Brandcation- it’s going to be so fun!

  7. I’m sure you’re going to have an awesome time!

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