Fooducate: An app that will ratify the way you purchase foods

Fooducate is the app that will ratify the way you buy foods! Kim from They Smell is the resource guru for the best organic and simple products. And yes I’ll say it, I want to be part of her healthy eating crowd. I’m not ashamed to admit. I totally admire Kim and her amazingly clean […]

Protect your family from far and away with LifeLock

As the boys have gotten older they have become quite the little travelers. Long gone are the days when we have to pack down the car to travel. Their ages and travel experience allow them to be flexible and calm travelers. The Xbox and iTouch certainly help too! This summer Trever will be attending Camp […]

Brandcation Sponsors…. THANK YOU!

Two weeks ago today Paula, Summer and I were on our drive to Brandcation:Destination.  Its almost surreal to believe that it come and gone so quickly. It was such an amazing weekend.  If given the opportunity I would go back again today! Brandcation really is all about the brands. Without the brands there would be no Brandcation. […]

Arrh Matey! Flashing Blinky Lights Represents Again!

Brandcation would not be possible with out the support of our sponsors! Flashing Blinky Lights helped us Bring Back the 80’s when we visited Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  We were so proud and excited to have them sponsor us for Destination, too! Flashing Blinky Lights decked out our pirate costumes with all kinds of glowing products! […]

Graceful Nights Live & Silent Auction

The spring is here (and gone!) and for the boy’s school that meant it was time for the PTL to host their annual Live & Silent Auction.  Last year I simply volunteered on the decorating committee.  This year, as the treasurer of the PTL, I was the leader of the decorating committee.  We began planning […]

Chase Bible Study: An Insightful Study of David

Chase, a DVD-based, Bible Study is the most insightful Bible Study that I have involved myself in to date.  Jennie Allen narrates the study with precision and an in-depth study of David. I truly enjoyed her speaking and engaging demeanor.  It felt as if she was speaking directly to me.  She poses the question, “What […]

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