Cataloochee Ski Area

Cataloochee Ski Area, North Carolina’s First Ski Area, is located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, and just south of the beautiful Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Maggie Valley is surrounded by mountain ranges in all directions and has some of the highest elevations in the lower Appalachian’s. Although they are one of North Carolina’s southernmost ski areas, they offer snow making […]

October In Pictures

We decorated the house for Halloween. The boy’s participated in Pink Week at the school.  They wore pink in honor my mother’s sister who lost her battle with breast cancer. I tried to keep lunch fun for the boys. This last about 2 weeks before we went back to regular sandwiches. Trever went to his […]

September in Pictures

Where has 2013 gone?  It’s October already!  My oh My, the age old saying time flies feels more applicable now then ever. Perhaps it is because we stay so busy with school, work, extra curricular’s and more! Thank goodness cell phones have camera’s in them.  Without it there would be A LOT of unphotographed memories! […]

Trever has started helping with the dishes

He was very confident in his detergent choice. So confident, in fact, he did not request confirmation that his soap choice was accurate. And well… My kitchen has bubbles ALL over the floor! *sigh* He promises next time he will add the Cascade…not the Dawn! 🙂

Back to School!

The boys went back to school today. Trever is in 5th grade and Tyler is in 2nd.  Tyler’s teacher this year is a good friend of mine and Trever’s is a new teacher to the school.  Since it is such an exciting and new year I decided to make a small present for the teacher’s […]

Entrepreneurship and Independence

Last summer, Trever took over the chore of cutting our grass. I have to admit he is  pretty darn good at it. Lately, he has been itching for the opportunity to earn money for a penny board. After realizing that it will take him an awful long time to earn $100 off of his household […]

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