Thoughts from the poolside

Please never let me forget the moments where my children feel fulfilled. When I can see laughter and happiness radiate from every part of their body. I love to watch them from afar. Where i can barely make their outlines out in the dusk of the night, but can hear them belly laughing with their […]

Big Kahuna’s Water Park Destin, FL; Enter to WIN 2 Tickets for Admission!!

Big Kahuna’s Water Park located in Destin, FL is has an environmental back drop that transports you to the luscious gardens of Hawaii and energizes you to get out in the water and play! A typical waterpark lends itself to a commercial concrete jungle, where you only get perspective of a park once you have […]

Marriage, Family & Big Kahuna Water Park

This weekend we will celebrate marriage and family. Troy and I will celebrate our 12 year anniversary this weekend. We will also attend a surprise anniversary party for my paternal grandparents 70th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful milestone to accomplish!!! My grandparents along with a large portion of my family live in the west Florida […]

Protect your family from far and away with LifeLock

As the boys have gotten older they have become quite the little travelers. Long gone are the days when we have to pack down the car to travel. Their ages and travel experience allow them to be flexible and calm travelers. The Xbox and iTouch certainly help too! This summer Trever will be attending Camp […]

Graceful Nights Live & Silent Auction

The spring is here (and gone!) and for the boy’s school that meant it was time for the PTL to host their annual Live & Silent Auction.  Last year I simply volunteered on the decorating committee.  This year, as the treasurer of the PTL, I was the leader of the decorating committee.  We began planning […]

I’m bored with Facebook

Ack! Facebook has me bored, bored, bored lately. If you haven’t seen me active on it, there is a reason. I used to log on daily, as my morning, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon, afternoon, early evening, evening & late night breaks. My brain got full. It was full of mush. Ever heard the saying “garbage […]

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