My First Television Experience, Thank you Tuttorosso Tomatoes!

Shortly after the first of the year I received communication from a fabulous public relations company, Lemke Anderson. They requested that I prepare a few recipes with Tuttorosso Tomatoes on our local television program, Good Morning Jacksonville. After the shock wore down that they picked me out of all the wonderful bloggers to choose from here […]

2013…Back to Life..Back to Reality!

Ahh Christmas 2012 and ringing in the 2013 New Year has come and gone.  As Christmas break ended, structure and routine were simply old friends of mine.  We hadn’t chatted since December 14th! They started knocking at my mental door on New Years Eve.  I heard them saying..”these boys need direction..tell them what to do”..”stop […]

Elf on the Shelf Ideas….Pin for Next Year ;)

Rudolph, our Elf on the Shelf, returns from the North Pole every morning from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve!  In years past he would make his daily appearance in simple ways, such as on the tree or sitting on the coffee table. I have a nagging feeling with Trever being 9 & Tyler […]

LunchBox Buddies Giveaway

How often do you pack your child’s lunch? I have to admit that I pack my children’s lunch 5 days a week.  They only receive “hot” lunch on a very special occasion or when I am out-of-town.  Often times packing their lunches can get monotonousness for me. Every day’s menu consists of a sandwich, dairy, starch, fruit […]

Our day at the Jacksonville Zoo!

Trever and Tyler were out of school for 3 days due to teacher conferences.  We decided to spend one of the three days at the Jacksonville Zoo here in in Jacksonville, FL.  On our way to the zoo we picked up their cousin Wesley to come with us. Wesley is 2 and very into trains. […]

Diaper Cake for Makynzee

My beautiful sister-in-law Amyee will be having her first girl, and naming her Makynzee, at the end of October!  Eric and Amyee also have 2 boys, Dayton and Dallyn.We are all very excited for the arrival of a girl in to the William’s family.  Makynzee will be the second girl in a family full of […]

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