Day Nineteen: A Talent/Hobby

A hobby (love) of mine is sewing.  As a little girl my Grandmother Amy would make my clothes, my Barbie’s and Cabbage Patch Doll clothes, mend clothing and SEW much more. 🙂  I would watch her work on the machine that we purchased as her gift the day my father was born.   When I was 10 years old […]

Day Eighteen: Your Wedding

  My husband and I met in December of 1999 on a blind date.  I was visiting my mom for the Christmas vacation in Jacksonville, FL.  He was just a boy with out a date to his work Christmas party.  My sister was dating his brother and they decided we would be perfect to “hook […]

Evening at the Park

My brothers children stayed overnight last night.  We spent the evening in the park.

Day Nine: A Picture of Something That Makes Your Life Easier

My first thought when looking at today’s challenge was MY HUSBAND! He is the perfect definition of a  partner and the true patriarch of the family. He is such a big help in all aspects of my life.  He cares for the boys needs, vacuums, sweeps, does dishes and laundry; all without ever complaining!  He is my best friend. We laugh often […]

Day 6: Your Most Treasured Item

My most treasured item is my engagement/wedding/anniversary ring.  These rings symbolize our commitment and pledge to one another.  We became engaged 11 years ago this June and married 10 years ago this past May.  I have worn each ring every day since the day they were given to me.  My hand would feel so naked with out […]

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