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My Beach Curl Fail…Maybe!

I’ve always had stick straight fine hair. Seriously straight as a board fine hair. I’ve always wanted it to be curly. When I was a child my paternal grandmother would perm it and it would always fall out within a day or two. It would be back to straight as a board with in 72 […]

Buccaneer Pirate Cruise Destin Florida

While at Brandcation:Destination we ventured out on the Scurvy Dog’s Club cruise with the Buccaneer Pirate Ship. Buccaneer Pirate Ship takes to the seas from HarborWalk Village Marina, Destin, Florida. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime upon the pristine waters of the Emerald Coast. Come one, come all and discover the hidden treasures of […]

Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village

Last weekend at Brandcation: Destination we stayed at The Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village.  It was an amazing experience for a plethora of reasons.  Yet at the end of the day the real reason the trip was amazing was because of our lodging and amenities at The Emerald Grande. The resort offers everything a tourist […]

Fruit Infused Water

The summer is gearing up here in Florida.  The high’s last week were in the low 90’s!  We are doing our best to continue to eat healthy this year.  Although I have to admit that I am really having a hard time putting away the soda. I crave the sweet carbonated drink.  I know it’s […]

I’m bored with Facebook

Ack! Facebook has me bored, bored, bored lately. If you haven’t seen me active on it, there is a reason. I used to log on daily, as my morning, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon, afternoon, early evening, evening & late night breaks. My brain got full. It was full of mush. Ever heard the saying “garbage […]

My First Television Experience, Thank you Tuttorosso Tomatoes!

Shortly after the first of the year I received communication from a fabulous public relations company, Lemke Anderson. They requested that I prepare a few recipes with Tuttorosso Tomatoes on our local television program, Good Morning Jacksonville. After the shock wore down that they picked me out of all the wonderful bloggers to choose from here […]

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