Jacksonville: Make it a GlobieFamily Night with the Harlem Globetrotters

Urging the boys to exercise coupled with them following their natural instinct of being interested in anything ball related, we have become a quite sports-centered family.  As of now, Trever prefers to participate in individual sports and Tyler appreciates team sports. A typical afternoon around our house one would find Tyler playing catch with Troy and […]

3650 Riveredge Dr- Renovated Home Before & After

The time has come, we  have arrived at the edge of canyon and decided to take the leap!  We plunged deeper into self employment and decided to boost up our investment company, Trevty Investments, Inc.  Trevty Investments is our company in which we purchase distressed properties, renovate them and then ultimately sell them. Although this leap […]

2013…Back to Life..Back to Reality!

Ahh Christmas 2012 and ringing in the 2013 New Year has come and gone.  As Christmas break ended, structure and routine were simply old friends of mine.  We hadn’t chatted since December 14th! They started knocking at my mental door on New Years Eve.  I heard them saying..”these boys need direction..tell them what to do”..”stop […]

Resolutions or Goal?!? Blogging Planner Review

As the year draws to an end it is important to take a look at goals and resolutions.  There is great debate on the topic of goals and resolutions. Google it you’ll find pages of content on the subject. I believe they are two separate, but can work together to achieve many things.  Personally, I […]

Win Your Way with Shop Your Way! Say WHAT?!?

In the past I haven’t been a big online shopper.  This year however I did 85% of my shopping online.  My children were sick over Thanksgiving and I wanted to make sure to capture the Black Friday sales. Since I could not go out to shop, I shopped for them online.  Then Amazon had amazing […]

Brandcation: 80’s Costume

Brandcation, Blog Cabin, hosted in Pigeon Forge, North Carolina is 32 days away!  The chatter on the wall of our Facebook event has geared up. The attendee’s are posting about their excitement on their blogs. The itinerary is posted and the line up of activities is unbelievable.  My anxiety over the 9 hour drive (alone) and time away from […]

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