My 5 “Go-To’s”

I am linking up with the Working Mommy Wednesday at Work, Wife, Mom..Life!  The meme for today June 15th, 2011 is: My go-to ______ is ….(pick any 5 things… go-to movie, go-to snack, go-to book, go-to song, go-to vacation spot… ANY 5 things!!) #1) My go-to drink is a 12 oz can of COLD Dr. Pepper […]

Schools Out For Summer!

The boys are home for the summer. Today is the first official day of summer break.  It’s my first summer working at home without childcare.  Two summers ago when I was doing bookkeeping from the house and traveling to multiple offices, I exchanged the children with a friend.  I would keep her kids at my house part of […]

2011 Summer Bucket List

As I start my new blog I am going to start linking up with different sites that co-inside with my life. My friend Lynsey told me about this linky and once I took a look at it I knew I’d fit right in!  Although Julia suggests that you list your top 5 goals for the summer, I […]

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