Chase Bible Study: An Insightful Study of David

Chase, a DVD-based, Bible Study is the most insightful Bible Study that I have involved myself in to date.  Jennie Allen narrates the study with precision and an in-depth study of David.

I truly enjoyed her speaking and engaging demeanor.  It felt as if she was speaking directly to me.  She poses the question, “What are you chasing?” Followed with “Are chasing after God?” I find myself answering that I am not certain of what I am chasing. Yet, I am very willing to admit it’s not after God. Sure in between church services or community outreach I find that I am chasing to please the Lord.  However, I acknowledge that in my daily actions I do not stop to reflect to chase after the heart of God.  Jennie broached this topic in an approachable and insightful manner.  Her discussion left me seeking more each week.  I was intrigued  with the study of David and the events that defined his life. The study helped me to reflect on my daily routine and encouraged me to chase after God.

Chase Bible Study

Chase is an 8 week study week study that includes, a dvd, member’s bible study book, leader’s guide and discussion cards for use during group discussion times.

Chas Bible Study

The dvd is composed of  eight, approximately 10 minute, video segments featuring Jennie Allen. The eight studies are focused on the following topics:
Chase – the introduction
Chased Down

If your small women’s group is searching for a new an insightful bible study, I urge you to try Chase, by Jeannie Allen.  You will not be disappointed.  David’s journey and struggle provides and insight that will send you on the path to chase after the most important thing, God.

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Disclaimer: I  was given a copy of Chase a dvd based bible study from a Shelton Interactive. I was not paid to review this study. These opinions are 100% my own.  This bible study is amazing, engage in it.

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  1. This looks really good. My small group is doing a study from a pastor who spoke at our church, but I don’t think any of us are enjoying it. And I realized one thing that is missing. Scripture!! I’m trying to add it in, but it’s just not a very insightful study. Thanks for this info.

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