Citrus Paradise: A Healthy & Simple Juicing Recipe

Kicking my soda habit has been no easy feat, because I love sweet drinks.  In an effort to stave off my sweet tooth when consuming fluids,  I have been firing up my Jack LaLanne Juicer. Fresh juice is full of antioxidants, energy boosters and so much more.  Juicing has become one of my favorite things to do lately!  Typically, I juice what ever fruit the boy’s haven’t eaten yet and will go bad soon and throw in some veggies. Two weeks ago I juiced what has become my favorite blend to date.  I labeled it “Citrus Paradise.”

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This healthy and sweet juice is comprised of blueberries, carrots, peach, strawberries and an orange. This juice is full of lots of ORANGE! Orange fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids, which are  a powerful phytochemical that repair DNA and help prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as strengthening our vision. Orange foods also give us the right amount of potassium and vitamin A. They are also known to boost the immune system. The strawberries contain lycopene, which prevents heart disease, cancer and prostate problems. The blueberries  improve circulation and prevent blood clots. They are also known to help memory function and urinary tract health. This combination of fruits and veggies is flavorful and great for your body.


Citrus Paradise: A Healthy & Simple Juicing Recipe
  • 2 carrots
  • handful of blueberries
  • 1 peach
  • 1 orange
  • 2 strawberries
  1. Grab a juicer, throw in the ingredients, add a couple ice cubes and drink up!
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  1. Mendy Hendrix says:

    This does sound very refreshing. I don’t have a juicer, but I’m going to try it in my smoothie maker! Wish I had all those ingredients now!

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