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Last May, while on a couples getaway, we stopped in at a night club and danced the night away.  My friend Rebecca emphatically told me that I needed to try out Dance Trance. Rebecca had heard all my whining about how I hated the gym and felt that running is better to be left to the gazelles.  After watching me shake my groove thing, she assured me that Dance Trance fitness was the routine I needed in my life to get my body back into shape all while having fun. And boy, was she right!

Dance Trance LogoWhat is Dance Trance?

Grab your leggings and your best work out shoes and great ready for some fun! Dance Trance is not like any dance aerobics, hip-hop, Jazzercize or  a Zumba class that you may have attended in the past. The routines paired with popular songs are a great way to  tone and shape, build your cardiovascular endurance ~ all while feeling as if you are the club with your girlfriends! Bonus: Skipping the heels and wearing comfortable clothing. Dance Trance is a great way for  the fitness enthusiast to shake up their current routine.  You will find that the classes are never boring, as new routines are introduced weekly.

Dance TranceClasses Offered

Dance Trance is typically divided into three levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  The various levels allows students the opportunity to choose a class that accommodates their level of dance.

Dance Trance Programs:
Beginners Program (P.A.C.E., Prep Class, 101)
Intermediate Program (Break Down)
Advanced Program (Dance Trance)
Kids Programs (DT Kidz Street Dance)

P.A.C.E. Beginner’s Program – Beginner Level
P.A.C.E. stands for practice, attitude, confidence and enthusiasm.  This program is an optional adjunct to the regular DT classes. It is not required, but it does add an extra component for students that you might loose due to lack of confidence and/or dance ability. This course consists of basic dance movement, nutrition, music instruction, flexibility training and confidence building. We recommend offering P.A.C.E. as a three month program and guarantees that you will progress into the regular classes if you attend all of the sessions offered. It is perfect for the student that thinks he or she “just can’t dance!”

DT Prep Class – Beg -Inter
This is a great class for those wanting to start out at a slower pace, but unable to attend a three month PACE program. This class concentrates on one new routine every week. It is available as an eight week mini-course so that you come out with a great knowledge base of new material.

Break Down (DTBD) – Beg-Inter
DTBD is a workout class where each routine is reviewed and “broken down.” Typically there are 4-5 songs introduced, reviewed and repeated per class. This is one of our most successful programs because all students want to participate, learn, and grow.

Dance Trance (DT) – Inter-Adv
This is a high energy, great cardio workout that incorporates funk, house, rock, Latin, jazz, hip-hop, and other types of rhythmic movements to the beats of music from all genres. This your jam class and does not include any instruction on specific moves. You simply follow along with an instructor. Routines for this class are usually broken down in the intermediate or beginner’s class for students that do need instruction.

DT KIDZ Street Dance – All Levels Ages 7-11  (Separate program purchase)
Kids learn Dance Trance’s hip hop, funk, and music video choreography. Special songs are selected to current kids movies, etc. Add-on combinations and stretch start this unique experience, followed by instruction and specific DT KIDS routines. New routines are introduced on a regular basis to keep kids entertained and attentive. This is like one giant dance party. Great for kids that love to dance and want to stay fit! *Choreography for this program is a separate program purchase and is not the same as Dance Trance choreography.

Before starting dance trance, I  had not formally danced since primary school. Thus landing me in the beginners class when I initially started.  With in a few weeks I was able to work my way into breakdown classes and then Dance Trance. However, the boys sports schedules and the holidays knocked me off my routine.  Because of this I have committed to starting the PACE classes. Yesterday was my first class and it was wonderful to slow down and refresh my skills.  My muscles need to regain their memory and learn the routines that were introduced while I was off kilter. I can’t wait to see how my endurance improves by the end of the program.

Dance Trance Jacksonville FL

Dance Trance has been the only  work out I have stuck with for over 6 months. I truly found the exercise routine that works for me.  With each class I attend, I enjoy myself immensely and find pleasure knowing that my body is getting stronger.   There are over 50 Dance Trance locations, more than likely a class rocking near you! Click here for locations and the opportunity to love dance as much as I do.


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