Day Eight: A Photo of Something you HATE












I don’t like snakes.  I don’t like any type of snake.  Yes I understand they serve a purpose.  Yes, I understand that they actually do great things, like keeps moles and mice out of my yard.  But they make my stomach turn.  When I take the boys to an exhibit that has snakes they are typically always behind the glass, but my anxiety rises just at the site of them.  The boys are intrigued and would spend hours, if allowed, studying the different types of snakes.  I, however, feel the cold sweats, the shorten breathing, the tensing up of my chest. I am checking to see where all the exits are in case of the reptiles figures a way out of the cage.  I can’t do them, snakes creep me out!

Even the glass lizard  is too much for me and it’s not even really a snake!



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  1. You must be related to my mom! She can not see snakes on s newspaper without practically fainting.
    Her first dear boyfriend tried to make her lose this fear right before they got married, needless to say they never did make it to the Altar.

  2. Totally with you on that one! I can’t stand snakes and always told my hubby if we ever found one in the house we would have to move LOL

  3. that first pictures made me practically fall out of my chair! AHHHHH

  4. OHHHH me too, no snake zone here.

  5. OMG…snakes are one of mine too. Can’t believe I left them off my list. I’m sort of hoping you didn’t take the pic’s here?!? :]

  6. I’m not a fan of snakes…but only because I don’t like how their muscles contract when they move. I petsat some once though…they stayed in the cage! lol

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