Day Three: Your Favorite Television Program

I have to admit I enjoy the television.  I have certain programs that are DVR’d and look forward to when the children are asleep and we get the opportunity to watch them.  We have shows that we both enjoy and watch together, like, DexterModern Family, The Middle, Friday Night Lights, Parks and Recreation and The Office.  The “go to” family television program in the house is America’s Funniest Home Videos!  We all enjoy sitting down for a good laugh and this show provides just the right medicine.  Troy and I also enjoy any program shown on the channel Investigation Discovery.  I love a good mystery and that station is 24 hours of mysteries.

Yet, the question was what is YOUR favorite television program.  My guilty pleasure when it comes to t.v. is reality shows. I enjoy watching the train wrecks on Teen Mom, the real love that exists on Little Couple and so many more.  Lately my favorite guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives shown on Bravo TV.  I am not partial to any particular city, although I will say I do not watch Atlanta or Miami.  I don’t like the drama with in that group of women.  Yes, I understand that there is drama in each set of women shown, but they are too much for me.

Real Housewives of Orange County is my favorite of all the series.  These girls have no clue what a person of my means lives like!  Perhaps that is why these shows are the interesting and engaging to me.  For about 1 hour I my mind and thoughts wander away to a world so unlike my own that it provides a break from the constant chatter in my head.  This season I would have to say I am really on Team Gretchen.  She hasn’t been a favorite of mine in the past but as the seasons progress on she appears to be the most grounded.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3








Real Housewives of New Jersey is a good one this season!  They have added Teresa Giudice’s sister in law, Melissa Gorga, and her cousin, Kathy Wakile to the cast.  Caddy women make good t.v, but caddy related women make for some really good TV!

The Real Housewives of New York Season 4

Finally, Real Housewives of New York City!  Talk about a group of women leaving far beyond the means of a typical American!!  This season they jet off to Morocco! Heck, I would enjoy being able to jet off to Austin, TX to see my favorite girlfriend’s growing baby bump.  Most of these women despise each other and they throw the “bullying” word around so liberally its comical.  There are too many captains and not enough sailors when this group gets together. I enjoy watching it.

There ya have it!  Those are my favorite television programs.  Stay tuned to see what the next 27 days has to offer!




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  1. i love real housewives of NJ!! forgot to add that to my list 🙂 my girlfriend and i are meeting Tereasa in october for a book signing!

  2. BTW, adorable blog!!!

  3. Okay, so you’re the 3rd person this morning from 30 Days about Me that has mentioned the Real Housewives series. I have never seen a single episode, but it sounds like I’m missing out!

  4. I’m not a big fan of reality shows like the housewives series, but to each their own. They do seem very popular.

    new follower from 30 days

  5. My husband and kids love America’s Funniest Home Videos too! I just sit there and cringe and pray no one was hurt! Lol!

  6. Oh I have always wanted to watch Dexter. I wish we had premium cable channels!

    • We actually watched Dexter through Netflix until we were caught up. Then we used a 60 day free promo on Cinemax as soon as it started back last year. I cancelled it and am waiting on the next season to start and use a free promo again! 🙂

  7. I’ve only watched the Orange County show, and not for a few seasons. I didn’t like it much when some of the original HW were replaced!

    My Fav TV shows

  8. My sister is a huge reality show fan. Since I don’t have cable the only time I see it is when I’m at her place. They are quite addicting even if at times annoying. LOL

  9. Ugh Atlanta RHW are a hot mess I watched one season and got annoyed lOL. I love most of the others though. We watch AFV daily here, it never gets old even though we have seen the episodes a billion times. Teen mom you just can’t turn away from LOL>

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