Day Twenty Five: A picture of Your Bestfriend(s)

The challenge stated a picture of your best friend.  However, in reality I have a couple best friends. They each carve out a huge place in my heart. 

Day Nine I talked about my amazing husband.  He is most certainly one of my best friends!

Troy's my best friend #1

My sister, Sarah, is definitely my closest girlfriend.  She is the person I go to with just about anything.  My children mistakenly call her mommy sometimes!  LOL!

Sarah Stevenson Wiggins

Day Sixteen I talked about the people with whom I did the craziest stuff.  Leah, Katie & Trin will always remain “The Girls” in my mind.  We were had a roller coaster of fun living together in college.  They are my friends that held my hair back on the nights when I went too far.  They are my friends that have heard my sharpest tongue, yet been the quickest to forgive me for the harsh words. These three women taught me what friendship is supposed to be and how you love each other for the individual that you are.

Mendy and Mandy are the friends (aside from my sister) that I have had the longest in my life.  We met when they moved into my neighborhood at the age of eight.  We have been through life together. There have been years where we haven’t spoke at all. Yet, when we reunited we picked up as if we hadn’t spent time apart.  Whenever we visit my family in Pensacola, FL we ALWAYS find time to spend with their families. 

The Long Twins

Finally, I must say that in the last year I have become friends and rekindled relationships with several amazing women!  The women in bible study are intellectual, witty and beautiful from the inside out.  I am so blessed that they have taken me under their wing and brought me into their group.  The mommies that I chat with on the sidelines of soccer are hilarious and keep me sane.  My Shepard family from Grace Lutheran has proved to be the perfect fit for our family as we have so much in common.  I have reconnected with women on Facebook and have been able to nuture relationships back into blossoming flowers. I am a very blessed girl to have lots of great friends!


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