DIY Christmas Flower Arrangement made easy with the Dollar Tree

Christmas season has arrived and with it comes decorating the house.  Which we did  this past weekend, just as we have done almost Thanksgiving weekend.  It’s a become a wonderful tradition.  Tyler was so excited to decorate this year that he became frustrated we weren’t decorating fast enough!  While out holiday shopping, I was searching for the perfect floral arrangement to put on my Christmas Tablescape. Much to my dismay I couldn’t find anything that was pre-made with in my budget.  To remedy this problem, I stopped by my local dollar tree and picked up the items I needed to create my own DIY Christmas flower arrangement. This arrangement cost me $8 to assemble.

Christmas Flower Arrangement

Supplies Needed from the Dollar Tree:

  • Vase
  • Reindeer Moss
  • 3 different Poinsettia Flowers (I used white, manilla and red poinsettia)
  • Glitter Bird on a branch
  • 1 stick of Christmas berries
  • decorative glittered branches
  • Ribbon


First I wrapped the vase with ribbon and secured with hot glue.  Next, I poured the reindeer moss into the bottom of the vase and added some of the Christmas berries that had fallen off of the stick. Then, I arranged the flowers, bird and glittered branches until I got my desired look of a full flower arrangement. Let your imagination be your guide as you use fill your vase this holiday season. And that is it. No more directions. Really, it was a one of the simplest crafts I have done in a while.

It’s a great thing I didn’t spend $29.99 on the floral arrangement I had noticed at a  local craft supply store.  This came out better and saved me $22! It looks perfect on my foyer Christmas tablescape.

Christmas Tablescape with Sign

I love how everything is $1 at the dollar tree. It’s amazing how many items you can mark of your holiday list for a lot less than other stores.

Are you looking for craft inspiration this holiday season?  Check out for more holiday decoration and entertaining tips and ideas.


Disclosure: I collaborated with Dollar Tree to provide this blog post.  However, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.  I am in no way affiliated with Dollar Tree and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

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