Entrepreneurship and Independence

Last summer, Trever took over the chore of cutting our grass. I have to admit he is  pretty darn good at it. Lately, he has been itching for the opportunity to earn money for a penny board. After realizing that it will take him an awful long time to earn $100 off of his household chores. He decided that cutting yards for others would be a great way to earn  the money.  Last week, he made up fliers offering to cut yards for $10.


We allowed him to hand out the fliers to neighbors that we have known for several years and were comfortable with him offering yard service. Wednesday evening a knock on the door came from a neighbor. They were responding to his flier. Trever had himself  his first customer!   I wish I had recorded the conversation.  He handled himself as quite the businessman.  They walked the neighbor’s yard and discussed what to cut and where, as well as, scheduled a time for the yard to be cut Saturday.  As he  walked home from with the neighbors house he was grinning from ear to ear beaming with pride.

Today was the big day for Trever!  His first yard cut in Shortly before their scheduled time he took the lawn mower out of the garage, check the fuel level and filled it up.  Then he fired it up to make sure that the engine was okay.


He grabbed his water bottle and pushed the mower over to their home.


He picked up sticks in the yard before getting started.


Then I was shooed away. *Sigh* He wanted to complete the rest of his job with out his mamarazzi following him around. I get it, so I left him to complete the task. Troy meandered his way over to the house shortly before Trever finished cutting. He gave him some guidance on how to complete the job and keep the customer happy.  We are so proud of him! He took the initiative to set a goal, create a plan to achieve the goal and then worked out the steps in order to complete the goal. He learning entrepreneurship and independence at the same time.  He has several more yards that he will need to cut to get to complete the goal. But,I have no doubt that he will be a proud owner of a penny board in no time at all.  In fact, this evening after he finishing cutting our yard a different neighbor approached him about cutting their yard as well.


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  1. How sweet!!! I hope his business takes off and he gets to buy his board.

  2. I wish y’all lived in my neighborhood because I would love to hire him. He wouldn’t even need to bring his own equipment, he could just use mine!! Great job Trevor! I hope you earn your money real soon and you continue to work and save.

  3. I wish that he lived near us. That’s awesome that he has such good work ethic.


  1. […] cut enough yards and did chores around to house to earn the skateboard deck he has been drolling after. […]

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