Fresh Produce Clothing Review

If you know me personally, you know my style is comfortable with a hint of today’s fashion (Emphasis on COMFORT). Catch me at the local gas station and you’ll find me in a pair of athletic shorts and an over sized t-shirt while sporting a pony tail.  If you run into me at Target, I step it up a bit and change out the athletic shorts and oversized t-shirt with jeans and shirt that is slightly form fitting—still sporting the pony tail though.  At church on Sunday I do my best to wear a modest fashion forward dress coupled with cute accessories and styled hair.   Yes, fashionista is not the best word to describe me.  Even though I am not a fashionista, I do want to be stylish ~ yet COMFORTABLE.

Fresh Produce Clothing to the Rescue

Fresh Produce Clothing

Last month, I traveled to St. Augustine to attend A Coastal Affair with Fresh Produce.  I FEEL IN LOVE WITH FRESH PRODUCE CLOTHES! They exemplify comfortable, yet stylish clothing.  After browsing through their large selection of clothing it was clear that the goal of Fresh Produce Clothes is to create simple, stylish and comfortable clothes.  They offer a wide selection of sportswear, resort wear, girl’s clothing, and women’s accessories. Most of their clothing can be dressed up for evening wear or dressed down for a day at the park.  I believe their unique selection and quality of product sets them apart from other lifestyle brands. Fresh Produce Clothing Review

In exchange for my attendance at the event, I received this stylish and VERY COMFORTABLE Effortless Dress.  The Effortless dress truly is effortless.It is cotton and easy to care for. I’ve loved wearing it around with sandals in the summer. Yet, I can pair it with cowboy boots  in the fall.  I dressed it up with a red scarf and earrings, but it also looks really great without any accessories at all.  I am very excited to have found a line of clothing that embodies comfort and style.  I honestly could have a wardrobe of 100% Fresh Produce Clothes.

Click here to find a Fresh Produce near you. You can also save yourself some gas money and shop on-line at  Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter or Pinterest to stay up to date on their sales or new releases.


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  1. Oh my, you look beautiful! Effortlessly chic.

    Love the scarf! 🙂

  2. That looks like my kind of dress!! (If it didn’t wrinkle, you’d REALLY have my attention!)

    I really like the Cafe Wrap Dress in Kelli Shells!

  3. That’s an interesting name for a clothing line. Your dress is adorable, and I love that it’s big on comfort.

  4. Really adorable! You look great in that dress.

  5. You look gorgeous! This is an outfit that I would love for work.

  6. Their stuff is so cute!! I love that dress

  7. I like comfortable clothes. I like to be able to move around freely.

  8. SO!CUTE!

  9. That dress looks good on you and it looks REALLY comfortable! I want one now too. 🙂

  10. That blue color is so pretty on you! i like the style of this dress!

  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blue color of your dress!. I discovered FP probably 7-8 years ago. I am in my mid-50’s now, a 6th generation NATIVE Floridian, (which there aren’t many of us), and with our intense summers and humidity that last 6-7 months, the last thing you want are clingy, dry cleanable clothes. Floridians rarely get dressed up, unless it’s a special occasion (dinner,show, etc.) and FP fits the bill TOTALLY. During our mild winters, they have adorable 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve tops and pants which are mostly lighter in weight. If you need a coat, hoodie, etc. throw it on top, but we rarely have days that are very cold; just at night occasionally. FP has found the nitch for the laid back crowd. But the beauty of their clothes, is you can dress them up, or dress them down, and everything is acceptable. I can honestly say that 90% of my closet comes from FP. If I were to have one complaint is their sizing is not always true-to-size. However, after customer outcry, the bulk of their clothing is now made in the USA – which I am a BIG proponent of. NO MORE CHINA stuff – DON’T NEED IT!!

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