Fruit Infused Water

The summer is gearing up here in Florida.  The high’s last week were in the low 90’s!  We are doing our best to continue to eat healthy this year.  Although I have to admit that I am really having a hard time putting away the soda. I crave the sweet carbonated drink.  I know it’s a bad habit.  Lately, I have seen several fruit infused water photos shared on Facebook and Pinterest.  This weekend I decided to have a go at making our own fruit infused water.  I picked up a  nifty fruit infused water pitcher at Target and stopped by the local Farmer’s Market before creating my own infused water.

Strawberry Lime Mint Infused Water

Strawberry Infused Water


Strawberry Lime Mint Infused Water
  • 3 large strawberry's
  • 2 springs of mint leaves
  • ½ lime
  1. Slice strawberry's and limes. Bruise the mint leaves by rubbing in your palms or pressing on them with a spoon. You want to release the flavors of the mint. Add all ingredients to pitcher, fill with water and ice. Refrigerate 1-3 hours before serving.

This fruit infused mixture is absolutely refreshing.  The sweetness from the strawberry with a hint of mint and dash of lime flavoring is delicious.  It’s a refreshing change to plain water and  has helped me curb my cravings for the soda. I cannot sing praises enough for how pleased I am with fruit infused water.   I am looking forward to trying a pineapple concoction soon!


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  1. Ooooh that looks so delicious!!!! I need to get an infuser like that!

  2. that looks so good.

  3. Yum I have never tried this version, but I love infused waters they are always so refreshing.

  4. I make fruit infused water all the time. My boys love it and so do I! YUMMMY!!!

  5. I love my infuser pitcher!

  6. Yum!! Looks delicious and refreshing!

  7. Stephanie Stevenson says:

    Can’t wait to try it!


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