Glow In The Dark Basketball Game

Glow in the dark basketball game is a cross between dodgeball and basketball in the dark! Earlier this month, our church youth director gathered the junior high youth to participate in this fun event. We had almost 35 children show up to play!


glow in the dark basketball game

The game start time was 7pm. The timing was perfect, because they were able to separate the teams and establish the rules, as the sun was setting, allowing the gym to become dark enough to play. The group were divided evenly into two teams with two team captains.  The teams wore either a blue or green light sticks from Flashing Blinky to distinguish themselves from one another.

Glow In The Dark Basketball4

the rules

The teams select their first 6 players to play basketball.  The remaining team players are to line up along the perimeter of court on their defensive side and armed with dodge balls. Players rotate between basketball and dodgeball positions during the game.  The game time clock will be  with four quarters at 10 minutes  each. Score is kept the same as traditional basketball, with 3pts & 2 pts. Appointed basketball players play the traditional game of basketball, while the dodgeball players are to peg the opposing team players. If an opposing player is hit with a dodgeball, when the opposing player is on their offensive side of the court, the player is to freeze for 30 seconds. When an opposing player is on their defensive side the court and hit with a dodgeball a violation occurs and the opposing team receives possession of the basketball. Dodgeball players are not to cross the basketball boundary lines and step onto the court. If dodgeball players excessively step onto the court by crossing the boundary line, the opposing team is awarded a free throw worth 5 points.

Fun for everyone

Glow in the dark basketball is a very fun game. From the fast paced game of basketball coupled with the lightning quick dodge ball the game is full of entertainment. The kids enjoyed it very much and talked about it for days the following week at school.

Glow in the Dark Basketball

Click on the video below to watch a snipet of the 40 minute action!

Have you ever played glow in the dark basketball before?  Did you play a similar version or something different? Sound off in the comments below!


Disclosure: I collaborated with Flashing Blinky to provide the team lanyards for this event.  However, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.  I am in no way affiliated with Flashing Blinky Lights and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.
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  1. Great idea! How did you light up the goals?

  2. I love it ! How where did you find the glow in the dark basketball

  3. Hi, how many blacklights did you use for the gym? We have 6 48 inch black lights!! Thanks

    • That should be perfect. We had about 3 of them, but had natural lighting from the sun coming in at the top of the gym. However as the game was ending it was sundown and the black lights were very helpful then!

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