Group Everest VBS Decorating

It is summer time!  For my children, this means they get the opportunity to attend  Grace Lutheran’s Vacation Bible School.  As their mother, this means I get the opportunity to decorate the church for VBS!  This is a task that I thoroughly enjoy completing. This years VBS theme was Group’s Everest.  After reviewing the suggestions, on Group’s website, of how to decorate  the sanctuary and hallways  the decorating team came up with some brilliant ways to get our church decorated for the week’s events.

Group Everest VBS Decorating

Everest VBS Decorations1

VBS decorating can be a huge undertaking, but with the adequate planning and a great team, you can decorate your church for VBS with ease. This is my fourth summer decorating for VBS.  With the theme of Everest, we were able to play with different decor that centered around mountains and hiking/climbing.

Group's Everest VBS Decorations

We borrowed some church members hiking supplies, and placed them on a white sheet on the ground to create a snow effect.Base Camp Everest VBS DecorationsSign in Table for Everest VBS
Here we took an artificial Christmas tree and added drapped pillow stuffing all over it.  We wrapped the bottom of the tree with white tulle.  The table was used for daily sign in and out for VBS.Everest VBS DecorThe sanctuary was decorated as a base camp that would about half way up Everest. We used a lot of white plastic table clothes to create the effect of snow and used a back drop sold by Group to create the mountain scene.Group Everest VBS DecorationsEverest VBS DecorationsBase Camp VBS DecorationsThe entrance to the family life center was decorated with snow covered trees and repelling climbers.Everest VBS Decorations2

We wrapped the trophy case to represent a mountain back drop in the summer time.  The repelling climbers were traced on to black bulletin board paper and attached to the wall with painters tape.

Overall, vacation bible school was decorated beautifully and the children enjoyed themselves immensely. They learned that no matter who they are or the situation, Jesus loves them.  That my friends is the most important lesson of them all!

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