Halloween Horror Nights 24 #HHN24

Last week, I spent two days #Facing Fears Together with Lysney at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.  We spent 48 hours absorbing all the fears that Universal Studios has to offer its tourists.  First up on our tour was Halloween Horron Nights 24! Let me preface this blog post by revealing the extent of my haunted house background, it includes one or two attendances a church and/or school “haunted houses.”  So to say I haven’t really ventured to a REAL fright zone in the past would sum it up perfectly.  However, I am a HUGE fan of the Walking Dead and several scary movies. As soon as we gathered in front of the park to meet our tour guides, I knew this was an experience I would always remember.

Each year Universal ups the ante for their Halloween Horror Nights haunted maze experience. Named “Nation’s Best Halloween Event” for seven consecutive years by Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando puts you up close and personal with some of the most terrifying sights you will ever see. There are eight haunted mazes including The Walking Dead, Alien versus Predator, Dracula Untold, and more, plus several “Scare Zones” throughout the park.

Scare Zones

From the moment of entry you see the walking zones have been converted into living, breathing nightmares or “scare zones” From the Bayou of Blood Voodoo beasts crawling up and down the road by the Mel’s Die In.#HHN24To the anarchy  created by masked robbers from ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ terrorizing passersby with guns, chainsaws and machetes.


The scare zones at times were scarier than the haunted mazes!! HHN24, also, featured themed food and drinks! Blood Sucker, err Jello Shot, anyone?


Haunted Mazes

Our Facing Fears Together group was able to experience all 8 of the mazes. Each one of the mazes was intricate in its design and execution.

Roanoke ~ Cannibal Colony

A true American horror story is brought to life in this bone chilling maze. Early American settlers in the Carolinas vanished without a trace during the Anglo Spanish war, thus historically being dubbed “the lost colony”. Here’s a fun theory, what if they ate each other? Honestly this house was so gory that I tried not to look much at all while walking through it.  It was a 10 on the EWWW scale.

Dollhouse of the Damned

Design wise, this had to be my favorite maze of the night.  This mazes features a child’s playhouse decaying and filled with real life dolls.  These maze makes dolls CREEPY  bringing them to life. The maze features adult sized oddly deformed babies and  grotesque toys. The house even reeked of baby poop and diaper powder. It was fascinating to me.



This maze is based off of John Carpenter’s 1978 film.  Walking through this maze was almost perfectly like walking through the film. Every death from the film is brought to reality, from the unsuspecting girl trying to start her car to the dumb jock pinned to the door by way of knife. Every corridor had a Michael ready to pop out at you with his massive kitchen knife. You watch the house deplete and morph and change through out the entire maze.


Giggles’n Gore Inc.

This Universal original house takes on fear that many people have – a fear of Clowns. This haunted maze has a murderous clown feel throughout the entire maze.  I can’t elaborate too much more than that because it was scary and I don’t think I opened my eyes to much. Clowns with knifes freak me out.

Alien V Predator (AVP)

I am not a fan of Alien or Predator, but the elaborate movie set details put in to this maze place it as one of my top 3! The Aliens looked terrifyingly real with their oblong giant heads and mouthed tongue. The gooey walls and marines and 7 foot Predator that jumped out at any given moment had me shaking in my shoes.   I wanted to scream at the scaratures – give me a second I just want to see that detail back there a bit longer..Don’t scare me yet!

Dracula Untold

This maze was a bloody dive into a vampire assault and loosely based on the film, Dracula Untold. The maze had lots of fanged people popping out from every shadow. It was terrifying.  I was very glad to see the end of the maze.

From Dusk till Dawn

Admittedly, I have not seen this TV series or film.  I can only surmise that naked chicks, snakes and mexicans are in the film/series, because  the maze was full of  half naked women and snake like creatures popping out from behind curtains, and lots of mexican decor. The maze was fun, but not super scary to me.  Probably because I couldn’t wrap my head around the plot of From Dusk till Dawn.  I think I need to add it to my must watch list soon.

The Walking Dead: End of the Line

THE BEST MAZE OF THE NIGHT- HANDS DOWN!!!! The Walking Dead was amazing! It is the largest haunted maze ever created by Universal and the first time it has been featured on a sound stage. The maze is incredibly authentic to the TV series.  The maze begins in the prison, progresses through various scenes of Season 4 and comes to a rest in Terminus.  From the  helicopter falling through the grocery store ceiling, to the pig at the fence and the arrival at terminus – not a single detail is left undone by the designers.  It was breathe taking, not only because walkers were coming out at you at every turn, but because I truly felt like I was in the show.  I wanted to find Rick and give him a hug and tell Carl to tighten up.  If you make it to HHN24 this year – do not miss this house!

HHN24 Experience

The 8 haunted mazes were amazing to experience.  We also got an opportunity to see Bill & Teds Excellent Halloween Adventure & A Tribute to the Rocky Horror Picture show.  Both shows were entertaining and definitely worth watching – if anything it allows your feet a rest before you hit the streets again to take in the scare zones.

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights was a crazy, wild and super fun adventure.  The detail and authenticity of the haunted mazes shows the labor of love placed into each and every house by the creators. It is the most terrifying experience that a person can willing subject themselves too.  No matter if you’re a newcomer or a veteran, you will be frightened at Halloween Horror Nights 24 . And even as scared as you might get, you’ll be coming back for more.


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  1. Erin Sutherland says:

    I am so bummed to have missed it this year, it sounds absolutely fantastic! I wish you could have gone the years we went. I sure love this stuff! Thanks for the wonderful synopsis, the next best thing to being there.

  2. Todd Sweny says:

    It was the worst one in several years, you didn’t miss anything Erin.

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