Interchangeable Holiday Wreath

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I have determined that I love pictures, I love picture frames, I love our painting collection, etc. But we just don’t have a ton of wall space to hang our entire decor all at once. We are continually changing out our pieces, so that each item can be displayed. Due to the wall constraints and my wish to decorate the house with the seasons, I wanted to create a wreath that you can keep in one spot, but change it up according to the holiday or season!   I was inspired by a project completed in one of my MOPS meets and came up with this beautiful Interchangeable Holiday Wreath.

Supply List

  •        *Wooden cross stitching circle (You decide how big you want it to be, but mine is 12 inches wide.)Holiday Wreath Frame
  •        *Mini wooden clothes pins or large clothes pins (Tip:  Use large clothespins if you intend to clip larger, thicker or heavier items.)
  •        *Hot glue and glue gun (use strong craft glue if you don’t have a glue gun)
  •        Paint, glitter glue, etc (optional)
  •        Assorted Ribbons, scrap papers and other items of your choice depending on the season or holiday
  •        Markers or sharpies
  •        Scissors

(*- main items you need to have for this project)

Fall and Thanksgiving Wreath

Boy do I love Fall!  The cool weather and the vibrant colors!  Plus, Thanksgiving is a time for thanks and giving, so I decided to include the kids and the hubby for a little Q&A.  Determine what you and your family are thankful for and jot down the answers.

Fall wreath

Now, find some pretty fall paper, preferably thicker scrapbook or card stock. The leaves you see here were traced by my MOPS Planning Committee prior to our MOPS meet, but you can easily find many leaf and fall patterns and templates online.  Just Google black and white leaf patterns to print and trace.  If you have a color printer, even better!  Just print and cut if your paper fits in your printer that is.   If you are not a “trace and cut kinda person”, feel free to visit your local art supply store, my favorite, Hobby Lobby, and purchase pre-cut  leaves or fall themed cut outs. As you can see by the leaves, I also tried out different edged scissors for a fancy kind of look.  I did learn as I went when cutting though.  (Tip: Not only are edged scissors duller than regular scissors, but they aren’t made for cutting around small areas.)  One or two of my leaves had to be thrown out because they looked too choppy!  It’s a fun touch though on some of the easier big leaves.

For my ribbon, I used roughly 2 feet of wide wire ribbon with a fall leaf theme.  I’m still practicing my “multiple -loop bow technique”, LOL, so I decided on a single bow, I clipped that at the top of the circle, use the bottom if you like that better.  I also chose to clip a small leaf in the center, as a cute touch.  Also, feel free to edge the leaves with glitter glue to jazz it up. Now, keep in mind, this is an interchangeable holiday wreath, so remember, the idea of the project is to only use the clothespins to attach.  The only thing I used hot glue for was the clothespins.  Feel free to make one for each occasion, get out the paint, etc.  Being able to change it every few months though will satisfy your next project fix!  LOL!

 4th of July

I decided to let the kids help me with this one!  I already had 2 small fabric flags, which you can find at your local craft store or look around the seasonal section of Wal-Mart when the timing is right.  Also, search around for the ribbon you want, whether it is thick or thin, wire, red, white and or blue.  I ended up using a lot of odds and ends I had sitting in my arts, crafts and scrapbooking boxes for this one. I’m not very good with fancy bows, so you see mine is simple, but if you are, have at it.  (Tip:  Measure twice, cut once. )For this wreath, I totally forgot to measure my ribbon, so I can’t quote how long it is.  Sorry!  But I can say, I wished I had a longer piece to work with.

4th of July Wreath

I don’t have a color printer at home, so I searched google images for simple black and white 4th of July clip art.  I suggest using white card stock to print on or glue your images on poster board .  I glued mine the night before, so they would be ready to cut the next morning. Then, I armed the kids with safety scissors and markers and let them go at it.  My daughter, who is 3, had a harder time coloring in the small lines on the flag, but when I gave her the bigger clip art to color, like the shooting star, she had fun practicing coloring in the lines!  (Psssstttt-  Let me tell you a little secret.  With proper supervision and seating, 3 year olds love practicing cutting paper, as well as 8 year olds!.  If you time it right, they will sit for quite some time while enjoying this project!  Be prepared to clean up the mess though, ,LOL!) But, feel free to search around your local craft store or the seasonal section at your local Wal-Mart and make this wreath without the kids using your own American flag décor.  I saw some cute red, white and blue mylar garland I would have added as an extra flashy touch!  You could absolutely make this much more fancy and fluffy!  The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong way to create the interchangeable holiday wreath.

Easter Wreath

For Easter, I found a simple beaded strand of miniature stuffed chicks and bunnies, so keep your eyes peeled in the Easter section of your local craft store or in the seasonal isle of your local Wal-Mart when they set out Easter decorations.

Easter Wreath

I thumbed through my arts and crafts box and chose a pretty pastel striped wire ribbon and layered that with pink tulle.  I’m still mastering my “multiple-loop bow” technique, that’s why my ribbon looks a little too wrinkled, LOL!  I set the piece of tulle on top of the ribbon and simply made a bow. Once tied, I fluffed up the loops of the bow and folded the bottom pieces accordion style.  Clip the center of the bow at the top of the circle and use the other clothes pins to clip the garland strand around the wooden circle. Simple 30 minutes or less, and your wall has an Easter appeal!!!

Some Tips to help along the way

  • When clipping decorations, squeeze the clothespin without bearing weight on the glued pin.  This will ensure you don’t yank it off.
  • Put the bow or larger item in front of the brass screw to cover it up.  Leave the inner circle and screw though, because you will need the screw to hang it on the wall.
  • If you want to use paint, choose a neutral color that will go with all seasons.

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