Blooming Splendor, Jamberry Nails Review

Disclosure: I am excited to work with Amyee, a Jamberry Nails consultant and express my opinions about their nail sheilds. I am in no way affiliated with Jamberry.

As a no fuss kind of girl, I am in open toed shoes 90% of the time. Nobody wants to see ugly feet. So that means this no fuss kind of girl needs to care about her toes. Meaning pedicures are a must for me. But I have  this teeny tiny little issue, that when I paint my own toes it looks like I let my 8 year old son do it. Seriously, the ladies at the nail salon make it look super easy.  But my problem with salon polished pedicures is they only last a week or so on my toes. Between the beach, pools, baseball fields, parking lots galore I am hard on my feet. The pedicure always suffers first.  A french manicure pedicure lasts like 24 hours on my feet before the white line starts chipping away.  Its crazy frustrating.  Not to mention pedicures with tip are $35 each. I would go broke keeping my feet in tip top shape.

Over the past year, I had been seeing and hearing a lot about Jamberry Nails on social media.  My sister in law Amyee did too and joined the Jamberry Nails team. She hosted a launch party and decided to try out the Blooming Splendor nail sheilds!

Jamberry Nails Blooming Splendor


Jamberry nail shields are not made of nail polish, they are made of vinyl. Application is a little different than the application of drug store nail polish strips. They are applied with heat and not a sealed with top coat of polish. The shield provides a wonderful glossy finish on its own leaving no need for a top coat. The best feature of Jamberry nail shield is they are durable and last longer than regular polish!

How to Apply

read the instructions and watched the videos on how to apply the shields.   I gathered my supplies. I used a  hair dryer because I do not own the Jamberry heater.

jamberry what you needFirst, I cleaned my nails with an alcohol swab and then pushed my cuticles back.  Next, I determined which size to use for each nail. Then, I cut them down to the size of  my toes and heated it for 3-4 seconds with the blow dryer. While warm I  placed it on my nail, pressing down firmly to adhere it. Then, I used my nail clippers and scissors to trim the shield. If  needed, I would file downward using a 90 degree angle. I repeated these steps until all nails were covered.  Finishing off the pedicure, I blew hot air on my toes and rubbed/pushed on the shield firmly to secure.

Jamberry Nails Application

That’s it!  The application was completed with 10 minutes.   The picture below is of the first pedicure I completed with the blooming splendor sheet.  That application of the below pictured nail shields  lasted on my toes for the past 21 days. I removed them today and replaced them with the blooming splendor pattern shown above! For a quick removal, you can whip out your blow dryer and heat your nails for 15 seconds, then lift them up and gently peel them off side to side. Remove any residue with an alcohol filled cotton swab.

Blooming Splendor Jamberry NailsAs you can see the Jamberry nail shields are very cute and easy to apply.  And the best part of them is the can take a beating and stay on my toes for a long time!  I am Jamberry convert. How can you when the facts don’t lie:

  • Cost of 1 pedicure at the salon – $35 lasts 10 Days
  • Cost of 3  pedicures with 1 Jamberry Sheet  – $15 lasts 21 days- WINNER!!

In fact,  I love Jamberry so much I am hosting a online party.  I’d love for you shop around!

 Leave me a comment and let me know what you favorite pattern you have with Jamberry.  I would love to have some inspiration for my next purchase!




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  1. I am a Jamberry consultant and one of my faves is the Diamond Dust Sparkle. You can pair it with so many different wraps!

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