Let It Go Bible Study: Week One

We started Let It Go Bible Study by Karen Ehman last week in our small women’s group.  Karen’s study forces you to peel back you layers and acknowledge that you are selfish and controlling person.  The book engages you discover/evaluate the type of controller you are and acknowledge that weakness deep inside yourself.  And as soon as you begin to feel uncomfortable seeing that dark place of yourself, you find that “God called and he wants his job back!” Your evaluation shifts from looking at yourself, to looking deeply at the situations you are so desperately trying to control and asking  yourself “Are you praying for God’ presence in this situation/trial?”  Week One’s study opened my eyes to see that I often aggravate a situation, when I do not include God.  My controlling behavior can curbed by remembering to put God first in all my actions words and deeds. I need to Let It Go.

The hours and days pass since after the study, life happens and I meander back to my old ways pushing Him out of my thoughts and actions. How do I help myself remember daily, hourly, to Let It Go? I am a visual person, seeing things helps me to remember them. I decided to join my prayer, along with the memory verse for week one of Let It Go Bible study into an image. I call it a prayer card.

Let It Go Bible Study: Week One Prayer Card

Week One Let It Go Memory Verse, Let It Go Memory Verse, Prayer to let go of control, Give it to God prayer,

I created the image at www.picmonkey.com.  I had 8 of them printed off, 4 as 4×6’s and 4 as wallets, at Walgreens.  Then I taped one on my desk, near the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, and my van odometer. I added the smaller ones to my wallet and day planner.  I, also, set at 1 hour reminder on my phone to say the prayer.  I did this to help me stop and pray. These small reminders are baby steps to help me remember to pray more and surrender each word and action to him.  It is my hope that seeing the prayer often and the phone alarm will trigger me into being more mindful of praying for God’s will to be done.


Feel free to download the prayer card and print it off for yourself. We all need to stop and remember “God called and he wants his job back.”


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