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This blog post is written by my lovely contributor Mendy Hendrix

This is a project that is so simple, yet so full of love, passion and kindness.  Whether for your significant other, someone in your family or even a friend who is about to get married, this is a perfect gift for any holiday or special occasion.  Daily Reminders of My Love Ja

Supplies for the Love Jar:

  • a plastic or glass jar with lid (I found mine at Dollar Tree in the seasonal section and prefer this jar because the cap flips open, but doesn’t come off.)
  • ribbon
  • color printer paper
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • quotes

#1:   Determine who the jar will be for and the occasion.

If it’s a Christmas gift for your mom, find a jar suitable with Christmas colors and mom themed quotes.  If you are gifting it to a friend who is about to get married, you can choose ribbon and paper that would match the wedding colors and find quotes that would be marriage and couple related.

The Love Jar I posted for this blog was a gift for my husband for Valentine’s Day, so I focused on love quotes and a red jar.  Also, I put together a 52 weeks of Love Jar for my friend’s wedding and found ribbon and paper that matched her invitation.  At Wal-Mart, in the vase and home décor section, I found a glass jar, with a flip lid and clasp lock, which worked perfectly for this project.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture, but I will say, it was one of her most treasured and sentimental gifts.

#2:  Research, print and cut 365 days of quotes or 52 quotes weekly. 

Honestly, 365 quotes daily was a bit of work, not only researching that many quotes, but cutting them.  So, give yourself a good week or longer to search Google.  Example Searches:  Love quotes, marriage quotes, husband quotes, wife quotes, family quotes, life quotes, love poems, etc.  Granted, there have been numerous occasions where we may have forgotten to read one, but overall, I love hearing him read these quotes, and I love helping read them, too!!!

Fifty-two weeks of quotes is not as time consuming, so if you want to finish this project quickly, choose this option.

As you find quotes, simply copy and paste them onto a Word document.  Once you have your desired amount of quotes, load your desired paper or cardstock, and print.  Using your paper cutter or scissors, cut each quote into strips, fold them over at least once and place them in the jar.

List of Quotes

#3:  Choose a tag.

Use the following link as a template for the tag on the outside of your jar: Daily Reminders and weekly reminders of love quotes tag.

I suggest printing on card stock or laminating the tag.  Feel free to use edged scissors for a fancier look, then punch a hole in the left corner and string your ribbon through.  Now, tie it around the top of your jar, just below the lid and finish it off with a cute bow, or make some cute curls using your scissors.

Daily Reminders of My Love Ja

It’s that simple. You now have a thoughtful and unique gift for any occasion.  Now, all you need to do is find a cute box or gift bag to wrap it in!  I guarantee you will be given a ton of feedback from anyone who receives this gift, let alone anyone who sees it!

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