Lumberjack Feud Pigeon Forge, TN #Review

Yo Ho! Lumberjack Feud is not your average family dinner show. From the moment you sit down until the second you leave, Lumberjack Feud is a full audience involved show.  The lumberjack theme starts in the gift shop and carries on into a multi-million theater.

Gift Shop

Entrance to the building is through the log cabin themed gift shop.  The store was stocked with well thought out trinkets that are reflective of the lumberjack theme.

Lumberjack Gift Shop

The bear bottom pajamas are absolutely adorable!  There were lots of giggles over the double entendre boxer line.

Smoky Mountain Forest Center

Located outside the gift shop is the Smoky Mountain Forest center.  This museum is a tribute to the Great Smoky Mountain Range.  The museum chronologically shows the Native American settlements  progressing into the logging boom in the early 1900’s and finally the preservation of the National Park in 1934. 

Lumberjack Feud Arena

The arena for the feud is absolutely breath taking.  Similar to other dinner shows the arena is divided between the Dawson’s and the McGraw’s.  The two families are feuding over the remaining logging land available after the preservation of the mountain range.


Every lumberjack working the show has a background in logging.  A lot of the competitors hold titles in the IRONJACK World Championships!  The competitions between the lumberjacks included the Underhand Chop, Underhand Block Chop, Standing Block Chop, Spring Board Chop, Logrolling, Single Buck, Double Buck, Hot Saw & 60 ft Speed Climb. There was a lot of humor included in the show as well!

Lumberjack 2

What separates Lumberjack Feud from the other dinner shows in Pigeon Forge is the audience involvement. More than half of the competitions between the lumberjacks included children from the audience. Thus encouraging the competitive spirit through out the entire arena.Lumberjack 3

We had a blast at the Lumberjack Feud.  It is a family affair that keeps you on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes! Lumberjack Feud Group

When you are in Pigeon Forge, TN be sure to head over to Lumberjack Feud and get your flannel on!


I was an attendee of Brandcation Blog cabin. The event ticket included admission to The Lumberjack Feud.  All Opinions are my own.
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