Marriage, Family & Big Kahuna Water Park

This weekend we will celebrate marriage and family. Troy and I will celebrate our 12 year anniversary this weekend. We will also attend a surprise anniversary party for my paternal grandparents 70th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful milestone to accomplish!!!
My grandparents along with a large portion of my family live in the west Florida gulf coast region. We travel to the area several times a year to visit for holiday or vacation. Because there is so much to celebrate we decided to have a long weekend on the gulf coast. We will fish in Pensacola bay, pet horses at my Aunt’s farm in Molino and tomorrow we will spend the day enjoying Big Kahuna water park.

Big Kahuna Water Park

Big Kahuna’s is located in Destin, FL which is short drive from my grandparents house. When we were deciding what to do during our mini-vacation Big Kahuna’s topped the list. One of the boys favorite shows is Extreme Water Parks on The Travel Channel. A couple months back Big Kahuna’s was featured when they were watching. Shortly after that viewing, I secured my spot at Brandcation:Destination. And since Trever’s brain is sharp as a tack, when he heard I was traveling to the home of Big Kahuna he was majorly jealous. We promised him we would take them soon. That promise will come true for him tomorrow!

Destin FL Water Park, Big Kahuna, Water Park Big Kahuna

Our Brandcation schedule included an afternoon at the water park, but was cancelled due to rain. Big Kahuna’s was kind enough to provide us with lots of information about the park, which the boys scoured through for hours. Trever studied the map and circled the areas of the park he wanted to visit.

He can’t wait to ride the Honolulu Half Pipe. Tyler’s excited for Pirate’s Cove and the Tiki River Run. Troy’s looking forward to the comfort of the cabana. I already hear the lazy river calling my name.

Big Kahunas promises to be a laughing, sliding, tubing, slashing good time! Be certain to click on my socialize buttons above to follow me tomorrow. I will post pictures and status of all the excitement!!


Big Kahuna’s was a sponsor of Brandcation:Destination. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Seventy years of marriage—that’s huge! Congrats on your 12 years. Big Kahuna sounds like a good time.

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