Medieval Times Dinner Show: Fun for the Historian and Competitor

One evening, over Christmas break, after enjoying an episode of  American Pickers a discussion about torture devices arose.  Troy was telling the boys about his childhood experience at Medieval Times and naturally the boys started claiming they wanted to go. Christmas break seemed extra long this year.  I believe we were at the house for 7 straight days, only to leave when something was needed from the store.  On a whim and in order to break up the monotony, we took the boys to Kissimmee, FL to watch the Medieval Times Dinner Show.

Midevil Times

We arrived about an hour earlier than the opening of the doors so that we could to take a stroll in the Medieval Village. Trever is our historian of the family.  He enjoys museums and history.  The village really peaked his interest.  The village had multiple types of torture devices and explanations on how the devices were used.  There were replicas and originals of clothing from the medieval time period.  A mock home of an architect was on display as well.  

Midevil Times Torture Devices

It was intriguing to be transported back to a time period that existed long before computers and cars!Midevil Times3

midevil times4

After touring the village we were ushered into a large gathering room where the King’s Hand welcomed us to the castle.  We were then escorted to our seats in the King’s Court. The seats were incredibly close to the festivities.  One couldn’t ask for a better view.

Midevil Times5

Our server promptly filled our glasses and begin serving us dinner.  Dinner included  tomato soup, an 1/4 of a chicken, a rib, half of a potato, garlic bread and a warm apple turnover. All of which were eaten by hand…no utensils.  The boys loved having no utensils.  For me it was nice to have a night not discussing proper utensil etiquette! While we ate we enjoyed the engaging and exciting show.  The set designers and production pay a lot of attention to detail. Each costume is beautifully designed and the synergy of the show is flawless.

Midevil Times2Midevil Times6

Tyler is ever the competitor.  The knights mounted upon horses while sword fighting or jousting had my competitor at the edge of his seat.  We were assigned the black and white knight to cheer on to win.  He was shouting and cheering our knight all the way to the end. Unfortunately, he was beat by the fierce and courageous yellow and red knight.

Midevil Times7

A royal falconer performed with a strong, powerful falcon. It was flying overhead, and back down with phenomenal precision and speed. I was in awe of this lost art.

We enjoyed our visit to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. The show was a crowd pleaser for all of us. My historian was full of new knowledge of the renaissance era and my competitor was pumped with the prospect that his knight almost won. We will return in the near future!

Note: I was not compensated in anyway to share my experience with you of Medieval Times.  We had such an amazing experience there, I didn’t want to keep it all to ourselves.

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