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Ok, if you clicked on this blog to put together a Minecraft birthday party, you came to the right place.  I’m going to show you simple ways to complete a Minecraft birthday party in a couple of days.  In my case, we didn’t send invites, but if you plan to invite several guests, give yourself a week or two in advance to mail them.

Things you will need:

  • green streamers
  • green  balloons (You can even get black balloons, too, if you want to represent Enderman characters; If you don’t want to blow up balloons on your own, I saw green and black star mylar balloons at the Dollar Tree, FYI.)
  • green plates (You can even get black plates, too, if you want to create Enderman faces.)
  • printable Birthday banner and Minecraft characters
  • at least 2- 2 liter Cola bottles  ($0.68 each at Wal-Mart)
  • at least 1 roll of Mentos
  • red wrapping paper, or construction paper/ TNT Minecraft printed labels x4
  • Cardboard box to go over 2 liter bottle (I used a 12 pack can Coke box)
  • at least 1 box of chocolate cake mix (This depends on how many guests.  I had 3 adults and 4 kids, so we had a ton of cake left over!  The cake I made probably would feed at least 14-16 guests)
  • Kit Kat candy bars
  • fudge Icing
  • vanilla Icing
  • green and blue food coloring
  • box of pre-made Rice Krispie treats
  • cake platter or cake board (I used foam board and foil)

My son Zane turned 8 last week and like many kids his age, Minecraft is the only thing churning in that little mind of his.   Although we decided to invest in a summer Taekwondo program as a great way to keep him active and a better alternative than a 2 hour timed party, I still wanted to make sure his birthday was filled with decorations and fun activities.  We invited his friend and my niece and sister to join us for the day and a slumber party that night.  My husband and I decorated the house after he went to bed, so he could wake up to a surprising Minecraft world all his own.  I literally found most of what I needed from leftover party supplies and only spent  a few dollars for cake supplies, decorations the TNT explosion activity!

Here is a picture of some of the decorations we hung up. Minecraft Birthday Decorations

I had leftover green balloons and streamers, which is a perfect Minecraft color.  I found this website:  http://catchmyparty.com/blog/free-minecraft-party-printables-from-printabelle.  It’s a great website with free Minecraft printables, which is where I printed the banner from.  They have other things to print too, like the invitations, water bottle sleeves, food place cards, etc.  If you don’t have card stock, white printer paper works just fine.  Once the banner was printed out, I simply cut each letter out, punched a hole in each corner and my husband used twine to string it up.  From there, I happened to have two leftover green cake plates!   I found a simple black and white creeper face that I cut and taped to the front of each plate.  I used streamers to make two arms and two legs a bit longer than the arms and stuck the plates to the mantle.   Also, just as an added bonus, I decided to tape streamers across his door and filled in the streamers with some balloons.  When he opened the door, they fell all over him!  My husband caught his reaction on video that morning.  He was super stoked!

Aside from finding a local Play Zone, which was a few hours of indoor fun, we came back to our house for pizza, cake and ice cream and some TNT fun!  I ended up having some leftover solid red wrapping paper from last year’s Lego themed party, so I used the box from a 12 pack can of Cokes.  I cut one end down a bit, added a hole at the top, wrapped it with the red paper and printed out 4 TNT Minecraft labels and glued them on.  Honestly, this doesn’t have to be perfect.  It will literally be destroyed in seconds.  I bought two 2-liter generic Cola bottles, which were $0.68 each at Wal-mart and a pack of Mentos, which were $1.79 at the gas station.  I learned a few things with this explosion.

tnt minecraft explosion with soda

First, you better where clothes you don’t mind getting Cola on.  Second, the more Mentos you put in, the bigger the explosion, but you better put them in fast.  I took an index card and rolled it up, but didn’t tape it.  TAPE IT!!!  If you don’t have them lined up one by one and allow them to slide quickly into the bottle, they will jam up and the next thing you know, you are standing over exploding Cola, LOL!  I was going to show you the original, but I decided to crop out the portion where I got soaked.  My sister and my husband got a great laugh, along with the kids.  Visit: http://coolmompicks.com/blog/2014/03/25/minecraft-birthday-party-ideas/  for this TNT activity, as well has other games, activities and decoration ideas.

Now, on to the cake!  I’m by no means a professional cake decorator, and haven’t invested in tips and tools, but over the years, I’ve attempted a few of the kids birthday cakes and they turned out cute and edible, so I ventured out in the world of Google and used a few pictures as a guide.  I achieved a Minecraft cake in my son’s eyes for sure, and that’s all that mattered to me.  Look, Minecraft looks similar to a 16 bit video game, which in no way looks realistic.  So, there’s no need to try to be a perfectionist!

minecraft birthday cake

I bought 2 boxes of traditional chocolate cake mix, but ended up using one.  I baked the cake the night before so it could cool.  Then, I simply cut the cake into block just, like you would brownies.   I used my bread knife and cut off the tops to make all the cake squares flat.  (Save the extra cake pieces because you may want to sneak a midnight snack!)  The back left corner had 3 layers with fudge frosting in between, the back right had 2 layers, and the lower levels were only one layer.  Once I positioned the cake layers, I colored the vanilla frosting to look like grass, iced the top of each cake block, and used the back of a spoon to make little grass affects.  The trees are rice krispy treats cut into little cubes, 4 around and 1 on top of one kit kat bar. I squished them together a bit, dipped the kit kat bar in icing, shoved it in the middle, then used my silicone baster to dab some green icing on for leaves.  Pop those in the freezer to firm up, while you finish the rest.  Layer the rice krispy squares for sand, then spread the blue icing in front for water.  Place the trees anywhere you want.  I used a sandwich bag and cut off the corner a tiny bit.  I attempted to write” Happy Birthday Zane” in block letters, but like I said, I don’t have icing tips, so I worked with what I had.

For the Minecraft characters, I chose Steve and the diamond sword, which I found the printables for online.  Here’s the website:  http://minecraftpapercraft.com.  I will tell you, if you plan to use the printables vs. the pack of plastic figures you can buy from Wal-mart or Toys R Us, you will need time and patience.  It was more tedious than I anticipated!!!  Also, be sure to print on cardstock.  It will be much easier to fold!  Needless to say, this cake was fun to make and honestly, it was very simple.  I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all.  It turned out to be an awesome Minecraft world edible that we all thoroughly enjoyed!

minecraft party ideas

I hope this blog helps you have fun and enjoy making a simple Minecraft birthday party a success!!!

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