My 5 “Go-To’s”

I am linking up with the Working Mommy Wednesday at Work, Wife, Mom..Life

The meme for today June 15th, 2011 is:

My go-to ______ is ….(pick any 5 things… go-to movie, go-to snack, go-to book, go-to song, go-to vacation spot… ANY 5 things!!)

Dr Pepper

#1) My go-to drink is a 12 oz can of COLD Dr. Pepper

#2) My go-to last minute dinner idea is Chicken & Rice.  I grab a rotisserie chicken from Publix de-bone it and mix it together with brown rice.  I heat up some Italian green beans and serve with a Hawaiian Roll.  The kids and the hubby love it! 

#3) My go-to when I am bored is my Android phone.  I like to look at facebook and check out as well as

#4) My go-to when I am reading is Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series.

#5) My go-to hobbby is sewing.

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