My First Television Experience, Thank you Tuttorosso Tomatoes!

Shortly after the first of the year I received communication from a fabulous public relations company, Lemke Anderson. They requested that I prepare a few recipes with Tuttorosso Tomatoes on our local television program, Good Morning Jacksonville. After the shock wore down that they picked me out of all the wonderful bloggers to choose from here in town, I immediately accepted the task!

Rachel was my point of contact with Lemke Anderson. She sent over the recipes I was to prepare,  stated the two cooking segments would be on February 16th and sent over a list of pointers for preparation. Specifically she said “picture a Rachael Ray 30 minute meal segment but in just over 3 minutes.”  I definitely am not up to par with Rachael Ray and I would have to cook an entire chili in 3 minutes??   It occurred to me that perhaps I was not fit for the task. I promptly complained to my husband that there was no way I was going to be able to do this.  I needed clothes,  my hair tended too, my eyebrows tamed, shop for ingredients and more.  There was no way I would go on air with out presenting myself in the best way! Not to mention that January & February are very busy months for me with year end bookkeeping and small business tax returns. I could not imagine how I was going to put my hot mess of a self together enough to squeeze in a 3 minute segment on t.v.

 Hubby to the Rescue

There is a reason the Lord put Troy in my life.  He has a way of talking me back to reality during my anxiety fueled tirades. After I spewed off all the many reasons why I could not and should not do the segment, he assures me I am the woman for the job.  He calmly tells me they would not ask me to do the segment if they were not certain I could handle it.  He also assured me that he will help with the kids (just as he does everyday) so that I can get my work done and prepare for the segment.  Finally he said, I’ll be your producer for the segment.  I will help you with anything that you need to get the job done!  Have I mentioned that I love this man?  His assurance and support give me the confidence that I lack.

Preparation to for the segment

The week of the television segment came and honestly it was one of the busiest weeks I have had in months.  I was scheduled to attend 2 days at a real estate conference, 3 days at clients offices doing bookkeeping, a PTL event for the children’s school and the boys extra curricular activities.  I was not able to shop for ingredients or props for the television segment until the night before. Troy kept to his word and took care of the boys while I shopped until late on Friday evening. After arriving home we both dove in and started preparing the food for the recipes.  Green Peppers and onions were diced.  Ground turkey was browned and half a batch of chili, salsa and pizza were made. We stayed up until 1:30 in the morning meticulously labeling each item, organizing them for transportation and rehearsing what to say while on air.

3…2…1…ON AIR

One would think that going to bed so late I would have been exhausted.  That was not the case.  I was up at 5 am wired and ready to go.  After making certain that each hair was in place and selecting the perfect outfit, we loaded up the coolers, all necessary props (including pots, plates, etc) and headed downtown to the news station.  We promptly arrived at 7:30 am and were ushered to the studio kitchen.  We unloaded all of the goods and organized them according to the two segments.  Troy was able to step back see the set and give me direction for the best placement of the utensils and ingredients.

GMJ 2.16.13

The stove was turn on and the chili was warmed to perfection.  We fired up the oven for segment two’s  pizza.  A high school aged band performed, local news and fashion tips aired prior to my first segment. Troy and I spent our time soaking in everything about the studio. The lights were huge and there were several different small studios all facing multiple camera’s.    GMJ

When I was anxious for my segment Troy was my coach assuring me that every prop was in place and aesthetically pleasing. There was very little communication with any of the staff until moments before going on air. Suddenly it was 8:50 and Amanda was introducing herself to me.  I took a deep breath, said a prayer and the camera man said 3…2…1.

Once I completed segment one, I felt all the anxiety melt away. 45 minutes passed much faster this time.  The baby tigers from The Catty Shack Ranch made their first television debut. Before I knew it, Amanda was back at my station we made small talk and it was back to cooking on air.

When the segment concluded I felt a wave of emotions roll over me.  The lack of sleep had finally caught up with me. I felt extremely happy, blessed and exhausted all at one time. I had just completed a wonderful memory in my life. One that I am certain  not  to forget.  My first opportunity to have public exposure on my blogs, which I have pour out many hours of work into, had come to pass. My husband and best friend had been right next to me supporting me and cheering me all along the way.  I am forever grateful to Lemke Anderson & Tuttorosso Tomatoes for choosing me to be their brand representative. My cup runneth over.

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  1. You did FANTASTIC!! So proud of you lady! Way to work it!!

  2. You’re a natural!

  3. Way to go! You did a fantastic job!


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