PickURGift: Take the Headache out of Gift Giving

This post is brought to you by brandfluential.com. I received items from my gift page as compensation for this post. As always, ALL opinions are honest and 100% my own.

Every year around July 1st my husband begins asking me what I want for my birthday.  Before kids when asked, I would have rattled off a list of things off of the top of my head.   I am so busy caring for the kiddo’s and working that my birthday shopping list has been replaced with back-to-school supply lists and daily to-do lists.  I am not saying that I no longer have a list of items I want to be gifted.  There is definitely a long list of things that I would love to receive.  Its just that I do not have the time to remember all the nifty gadgets and clothes I have lusted after the past year.  Now that I have discovered PickURGift.com, my husband will no longer fret over what to buy me.  In fact, I think he will have a hard time picking the perfect gift from my gift page.PickURGift

What is PickURGift?

PickURGift is a website that  allows you to pick out the perfect gifts for your friends and family.  You can place items on a wish list for yourself or create a gift page for a friend or relative.  After a short account set up and simple installation of a bookmark, you can add ANY item from ANY website to your gift pages.  Once the special occasion comes around you can then send your gift page to a recipient and let them pick out a gift to buy you.  Since you are in control of your PickURGift page, you will never receive an unwanted gift again!


Let’s Get Started

PickURGift is a very simple website that is very easy to navigate and implement into your online shopping routine. First, you will need to create your free account with your name and email address.

PickURGift Register

After you register, you will then add the UR Button to your browser bar.

UR Button

Once the button is installed and added to your browser bar, you can easily add gifts to your gift pages. After installing the button, I proceeded back to my dashboard and created a gift page for the lovely Maggie from My Baton Rouge Mommy.

Create A Gift Page2

4 easy clicks

Now that set up of everything was out of the way it was time to create a gift list for Maggie.

Add to Gift Page 2

To begin my gift list I headed over to Amazon.com.  The best part about PickURGift is that you can choose any site to shop and bookmark your items.  Adding a gift to my gift list was as easy as 4 clicks on my mouse.

  1. Click on the UR Gift Button
  2. Select Your Giftee
  3. Select your Giftee’s Gift Page
  4. Add Gift

PickURGift will copy the URL , pictures and gift title into the pop-up.  You can edit these if you would like.  I was happy with the information that was brought over for every one of my items and did not find myself editing that I selected.

Send Your Gift List

Once you have added the items to your gift page, you then send it over the recipient. Your recipient can be your husband, mother, sister, or friend.  The list is endless!! For our review we were asked to build a list for our fellow blogger (Maggie) and then allow them  to pick up to $100 from their lists.  I created a gift list for her that included kitchen items, home goods, beauty needs and luggage.  I then clicked on the “Wrap it Up for the Giftee!” button to email the list to Maggie.Gifts Picked for MaggieTo complete the our shopping adventure, I received a message from Maggie, in PickURGift, requesting the Flat Iron & Otter Box.  I clicked on the url links provided from each item and purchased them with direct shipping to her home.

Check out from links on gift page

Overall Opinion

It was a very easy process from beginning to end to use PickURGift. I have to say that after being introduced to PickURGift, I have begun adding items to my own gift pages.  I have labeled them Kitchen Gadgets, Hair & Beauty and Just for Mom.  When Christmas and Valentines day roll around this winter,  my husband won’t be left scratching his head to find gift options.  He simply will need to click the links for the three pages to select a gift that will be certain to make me happy.   He’s not even what you would consider “tech savy” but I am certain that he will be able to navigate and select items for me with ease. PickURGift takes away the headache that he would normally have over giving me gifts..

Be sure to head over to www.PickURGift.com today to start your gift pages. You can, also, find PickURGift on Facebook.


Are you curious what Maggie got for me?  Head over to My Baton Rouge Mommy to find out!

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  1. This is really cool. I wish that I would have known about this sooner!

  2. I love these services. I’ve used a different one and it makes life easier. I have a few gifts to buy soon so I’ll have to try this one. Thanks!

  3. Can we say Christmas is done?:)

  4. I made myself a wish list too. I’m going to send it to all my kids and grandkids.

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