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As the boys have gotten older they have become quite the little travelers. Long gone are the days when we have to pack down the car to travel. Their ages and travel experience allow them to be flexible and calm travelers.


The Xbox and iTouch certainly help too!

This summer Trever will be attending Camp Beckwith in Fairhope, AL. Tyler will attend golf camp at UNF. Both boys will attend vacation bible school. We will also have many trips to the beach and Mimi’s pool. As we begin our summer and anticipate the adventures that lie ahead, I can’t help but get anxiety. There will be a lot of schedule maneuvering, shopping and driving. I know I will get it all done. It’s doing it with grace and patience that typically becomes my problem. :/


There’s one thing that I can rest assured with this summer and that is that my family’s credit is safe from credit vultures. We have placed our anxiety about identity theft and credit fraud in the hands of the best, LifeLock.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

  •  Intuitive threat detection.
  •  Advanced Internet surveillance.
  •  Proactive alert system.
  •  24/7 live personal service.

I know that whether I am home or traveling that LifeLock is ensuring that I am protected. We have had the pleasure to utilize their services for several years. When we have elected to open lines of credit, LifeLock was immediately aware of the change on our credit report. Within moments of submitting our applications we were given a courtesy call from LifeLock. We are given regularly scheduled reports of our credit along with its score. LifeLock truly cares for each client. Praise The Lord I have not had to use their $1M guarantee! But I know that if I did, based on how I’ve been treated in the past, they will be very helpful and thorough.

What plans do you have for the summer? How do you calm summer travel anxiety? Leave me a comment below!


LifeLock was a sponsor of Brandcation:Destination. All opinions are my own


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