Quenching Their Thirst For Knowledge

Back to school  started here, in Jacksonville, at the end of August.  The weather was its trusty hot and humid self and unbearable at times.  The kids back packs were full of sharpened pencils and new lunch boxes. My nerves were shot from a long summer home with the children.  I couldn’t wait to get the boys back to their routine and structure.  As a member of the PTL, we provided a continental breakfast for the teacher’s and staff on the first day of school to show the our appreciation for rescuing us from our children quenching our children’s thirst for knowledge!

We choose decorations and tableware using the school colors of red and blue.  The teachers were given healthy and sweet options!

Flags helped to identify the various breakfast items. The beautiful vase was inspiration from Pinterest pin. (*How to post coming soon!)

The beverage table boasted a Keurig machine and with various K-Cups, O J, Lemonade & Water.

The inspiration for these cuties came from this post at the IdeaRoom.  They are the perfect addition to the beverage table in a city where hydration is a must!  We hoped they would remember our thank you for quenching our children’s thirst for knowledge, while they took a brief moment to quench their thirst from the heat of Florida!

 The materials used 8X10 cardstock, avery label, brads and  water bottles!  They were well received by the staff and teachers. In fact, the entire breakfast was a hit!  The teachers seemed relaxed and ready (atleast for a couple minutes) for the first day of school.

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  1. That is really cool and what a great way to kick off school for the teachers. I really like the display of food and beverage. Nice Job!!

  2. These are some cute ideas. I know our PTA does something similar, but I’m not on that committee. I’m actually health and wellness!

  3. Those water bottles are so cute! I’m going to remember these ideas for future events.

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