Quick & Simple Meal Chart

Before I grocery shop every Sunday, I make a meal list for the week.  This helps me to create my shopping list for the week.  Typically, I would hand write out the list on an index card and stick it on to the fridge.  However, the other week it occurred to me that there could be a website that had meal list template or perhaps a word document that I could save on my computer.  I was hoping to find something simple, but much cuter than my scribblings.  Upon googling “Meal Chart” I found Meal Chart Maker at Lots Of Kids.  It’s a very simple template to use and has different options for borders and icons.  This is what I my list looks like for this week.

















Yep we eat a lot  of chicken around here!  I don’t have picky eaters but they certainly prefer chicken with most meals. 😉

Lots Of Kids also has chore charts, crossword maker, and lots more!  Hop on over and check out their site!



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