Resolutions or Goal?!? Blogging Planner Review

As the year draws to an end it is important to take a look at goals and resolutions.  There is great debate on the topic of goals and resolutions. Google it you’ll find pages of content on the subject. I believe they are two separate, but can work together to achieve many things.  Personally, I prefer goals to resolutions. However New Year’s resolutions are important too.  A resolution can help you to achieve the goals.

I find myself succeeding in life and business when I set goals. Setting these goals keeps me motivated.  My goals are as small as an hourly or daily tasks to monthly and annual goals. The small goals keep moving from one task to the other to ultimately achieve the big goals.  Each goal, no matter the size are a learning experience. They allow me to be reflective and see what worked and what did not. They give me perspective on how to keep moving in the direction of my big goals.

Resolutions serve as lifestyle changes that help me support my goals.  In the past I have resolved to cook at home more.  That resolution helped the goal to save more money. This year I resolve to be organized. Don’t get me wrong I am by no means a disorganized person. Our closets are organized with totes that contain labels as to the contents. The clothes hang dark to light and are separated by winter and summer. However, the last couple months have proven I need to be more organized with my time. There is so much to do between our investment company, the kids activities, my bookkeeping business, blogging, church and more. We have a calendar in the kitchen for the family activities.  I have Google calendar on my phone and a planner in my purse. The problem is my scheduled items are usually in one of those 3 places.  They are never recorded in the same place. Sad smile

The Blogging Planner to the Rescue!

Blogging Planner

It is time that I find a planner that works for all aspects of my life.  Now I know what you are thinking, “How does a Blogging Plannerhelp to organize ALL aspects of your life?” What drew me into the Blogging Planner was that it has spots for me to write in my goals.  There is also a page for looking back at what worked each month and what did not work. Focus Page

It allows me to include income and expenses for the week. There are weekly boxes for To Do lists & brainstorming. Weekly ToDo

The Blogging Planner isn’t to be utilized just for blogging. Creative organization will allow me to integrate all aspects of my life into the planner. Taking MoscatoMom’s advice on organizing my time by color coding, my planner has expanded into so much more than just blogging.  The highlighting allows me to readily identify what needs to be accomplished.  Now my brain identifies yellow highlighter with real estate, blue for blogging, pink for personal and so much more.MonthlyIn addition to the daily boxes, there is a spot write in your meals for effective meal planning.


I must admit that I have been lazily using the planner the last couple months.  However, with my 2013 resolution to be more organized with my time, I went back through the planner and organized everything by color and filled in area’s that I could.  These steps have laid the map for the organization for the upcoming year.

I look forward to using the planner in the upcoming year to help me achieve the blogging goals set in August. But most importantly I am looking forward to having an organized schedule in ONE place that allows my time to be focused and effective.

If you are like me and looking to organize your time in the New Year, stop by to get your Blogging Planner today!

Want to win a free blogging planner? Hop on over to Facebook and share this picture and then leave a comment that you shared it to win!  Hurry up though, because the contest ends on January 2nd!


Disclaimer: The Blogging Planner was purchased with my own funds.  All opinions are 100% my own. I just happen to think its soooo cool, I had to share it!
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  1. Awesome use of the planner Joy! I still use mine and I’m trying to get better about scheduling things for daily input so that I can keep up with everything and try to grow this darn blog!

  2. I love that planner! I’m so bad at scheduling things but with something like that I can get better 🙂

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