Schools Out For Summer!

The boys are home for the summer. Today is the first official day of summer break.  It’s my first summer working at home without childcare.  Two summers ago when I was doing bookkeeping from the house and traveling to multiple offices, I exchanged the children with a friend.  I would keep her kids at my house part of the week and then she in turn would take my children at her house.  I do not have any such arrangements for my children this summer.  I am excited to be with them every day as their mother.  I am nervous to be with them every day as a person that works from home.  I have grown accustom to dropping them off at school and going about my work filled day until 3 p.m.  The summer will pose a challenge to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished from a work perspective and to balance not losing patience with the children by having them home and in my work space.  I, also, have goals of keeping up with summer studies and their chores.  Most importantly, I do not want to use the television as their babysitter.  Therefore, I decided to be able to maintain all of this I would need a schedule.  This is the schedule I made!

2011 Summer Schedule

They are able to slide the orange paper down to the appropriate time of day.  The schedule will help them to know what is coming up next and also keep me sane!  I will know when I can get work accomplished as well as take care of them.  It will take a couple days to get adjusted to the schedule.  The schedule will also be shaken up the week of Vacation Bible School and during the days that we take vacation.  That is okay though.  My main goal is to establish a routine for the days that we are at home all day. 

I am looking foward to the summer.  I am especially looking foward to the sun and fun. What do you do to keep sanity in your home over the summer??

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  1. Good for you, Joy! I’m impressed! I may take on such a thing myself, as my kids come to work with me at the church. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hey Joy! This is SUCH a great idea! As someone who has endured many summers as a WAHM with two children under foot, I can tell you that a schedule is THE only way to be successful at it. Also, be flexible and willing to let YOURSELF enjoy the summer too. There were days I would completely blow off all responsibility and pack up for the beach – just totally on a whim. It meant I had to work into the night once we returned, but that was ok. Spontaneity matters! 🙂


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