Whats the plan stan? Where are we going from here?


I started my first blog,3T’s & Me,  in May of 2009.  I created the blog as a way to journal my family events.  I loved the opportunity to combine my stories and pictures, as well as keeping my family and friends informed of our adventures. Around the same time, I fell in love with crafting, recipe and fashion blogs.  I enjoyed learning about other women’s lives and how they were raising their children. Seeing my high school classmates, Trisha and Lynsey being successful as work at home mom’s as bloggers, lit my flame. I had blog envy. I wanted to know more, how can I do what they do?  I decided that I wanted to have a monetized blog of my own, sharing  more content than just my family. I wanted to focus on sharing my recipes and crafts.  I know I am not Martha Stewart.  I understand that I’ll never be the Pioneer Woman. However, I can be (and AM) Joyful Musings! Let’s dive into how I am going to grow Joyful Musings to be the blog it deserves to be.

Whats the plan stan? Where should I go from here?

  • Monetize JoyfulMusings. I would like to achieve paid advertisement, shopping for stores, sponsors and MORE!
  •  Review the latest and greats products.  I want to share with my readers the products that excite me.  However, this goal needs some more definition. I will NOT promote products just to make money.  I will be selective in what I choose to share. Products that I use in my home and with my family are what I will stand behind.  I do not want a barrage of products to review, just to have new stuff.
  • Travel….more! I love that my blog has brought me the opportunity to attend Brandcation, not once but twice. (I am attending Brandcation BLOG CABIN in October).  I hope to connect with more brands to travel with my family, as well. It would be thrilling to share with my audience the our favorite destinations and activities.
  • Keep it FUN!  No matter what goals I make for this blog I want to keep it FUN!  I understand that it will be work and there will be days when I have to dig in my heels and keep going. I am all for working hard. The best part about being a WAHM is loving what I do to earn money.  I DO NOT want to work  at home and HATE it, therefore making it a real  j-o-b. I can go down the street at any old big box retailer and have mundane job. Yet, that is the beauty of America.  I am self employed and LOVE it.  Keeping in focus that it is FUN is probably the most important goal for me.

How am I going to do it??

  • Comment on at least 3 blogs a day.
  • Find one new blog a week to share with my audience
  • Build my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr Followers
  • Connect with Social Fabric, Collective Bias, MomCentral and Blog Frog
  • Stay active in the Momdot.com/forum, communicating on it daily
  • Higher Page Ranking
  • SEO my posts more effectively
  • Brush up on my writing and literacy skills

My goals, as well as my plans to achieve them may not be as defined as they should be in order to achieve them.  However, they are a great start for laying ground work to being the best blogger that I can be! Keep checking back to watch me grow as a wife, mother, blogger, bookkeeper and friend.

**Curious about other blogger’s goals for their blogs?  Check out Mom Dot’s Blog Carnival to see their responses!


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  1. having fun is such an important part of your goals. If you do not love what you do, then why do it? Great list!


  2. Like Trisha said if you don’t have fun then you probably won’t do what it takes to reach your goals!
    While you’re commenting and sharing new blogs with your readers reach out to other bloggers and start a cross blog conversation to introduce yourselves to each other’s audiences.

    SEO & Keyword research will help drive organic traffic to your site, too. All great goals.

  3. love that you includes some actions that you do to work toward your goals!!!! I think all the work that goes into it is what some people don’t seem to understand. they want the trips and ‘stuff’ but not the work!!

    • Lisa- you are so right it is hard work! It isn’t easy and takes real dedication. I think that is why I have sat so idly by for a while. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit to the time it takes. However, the tides have changed. I’m confident that if I make daily goals it will help the weekly, monthly and yearly goals fall into place. *Well… that’s what I keep telling myself at least! LOL

  4. I like that you listed the ways you are going to try to accomplish your goals. I couldn’t think of how to achieve my goals.

  5. Sounds like you have some clear direction! Best of luck in this new chapter.

  6. Awe,thank you! What an inspiration to us newbies! I haven’t heard of 1/2 the things you mentioned. I am off to do homework! Thank you!

  7. I love how you not only defined your goals but also laid out the steps you will go through to meet those goals! I kinda/sorta listed a few generic goals in the comments section of Trisha’s original post, but this is really what I should have done.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Joy thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! Dreaming of being the Modern June Cleaver is a hoot! I love it!

  9. You are so organized with your list! I so need to have a list like that and place it on my desk to remind me of what I am working towards. So much fun getting to know the you and why behind your blog! Hope you will come learn more about me too during this blog hop!

  10. I love that you said to keep it fun. I struggle with keeping my blog fun, but I do get bored easily and have to switch out things that I do…..probably why I have more than one business and probably why I can’t seem to get one of the going good enough that I could drop one….I love all of them in their own right though and I do love being able to work from home and still be with my kids.

    I definitely agree that reviewing products that of interest to my family is more important than just getting paid to write a review. I didn’t clarify that in my post, but I certainly enjoy getting paid for going to events and products we enjoy! 🙂

    Love how you have everything laid out and organized! You have some great goals and I can’t wait to see where they take you!

  11. I think you have some really great specific goals. Keeping it fun is a really great one. If you don’t keep it fun, it definitely gets old fast. Good luck with your goals!!

  12. Joy, thanks for the ideas, because I too am trying to grow my blog and I feel unsure about how to do that.These are some great ideas (and I’m stealing them!) so that I can get better too.


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